Being Gay is a choice? Really? Think again

“Being gay is a choice”… This statement makes me laugh. How many of you think that a person would like to choose a life of humiliation, discrimination, hatred, torture, etc. Do you really think that a person can choose a life where his family can throw him out? Where sisters tell him that he is mentally sick? That he cannot live unless he changes himself? That he is a shame to the family? Do you really think that anyone would love to choose this life? I bet no one, or tell me if you can.

Yeah we do choose to live with a guy in future but its a choice not because of sexuality but a choice made after thinking and considering the fact that “Does the girl who’ll come to my family really deserve this? Does she really deserve to be with a guy who, from his heart loves guys but is using her to reproduce children? Is this what she deserves?” People who have grown up in an environment where women are treated like a home decor, they may not have a problem in that but I was raised in an environment where women are respected. Hence, I cannot choose to ruin a life of a women and use her as a baby factory. I chose to stay with a guy in future, which many would like to term as “chose to be gay”.

If being gay is really a choice then I have a request to all the homophobic people, you don’t have to choose to be this but at the same time please don’t humiliate us for “CHOOSING” a person of same gender. We don’t humiliate you for choosing a person of opposite gender. NO, its not like you guys are right hence we cannot humiliate you because you are not right. You guys are wrong too. You tell a man and a woman are supposed to marry each other because that is how the generation develops forgetting that when you say that, you are objectifying a woman and portraying her as a child producing factory. At the same time, you are saying that a woman or a man must not marry or have sex if they cannot produce semen or ovum due to some biological problem. You are trying to say that two people cannot make love with each other if they are not planning a baby. And I really find it ridiculous that you are seeing marriage as a contract of baby making business and yet you will not accept it. And if you do accept it and still say that marriages should be like this then I guess you guys should be associates of “Khap Pnachayat” who kill people who love ’cause clearly you guys see marriage as child making business and not as the pious knot between the two loving souls. You guys ARE wrong at this. We just don’t humiliate you because we realize the importance of “Live and let live”.

And now a lot of people would like to bash on me saying “I am promoting perversion by talking about sex life” or something. I’ll get back on perversion part soon. I’d like to share my views on my perversion.

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