Homosexuals are perverts? Lets think over it

So you say we homosexuals are pervert because we like to have sex with the person of same gender? INTERESTING point. Tell me how is YOUR lust towards a woman is not a perversion? Or how is not a perversion to see a woman as an object to reproduce babies?

Lets face it. Most of the guys, including my straight friends, talk about boobs and ass of girls. So talking about that won’t make them perverts ’cause HELLO they are STRAIGHT and THAT is how the world is supposed to be. But HEY, if you say that a guy looks cute or hot and you are guy then you are PERVERT. I mean who can see a person of same gender with the thought of dating? Ummm homosexuals maybe? Yeah and they are uncommon hence perverts.

Its easy to condemn others but its hard to look in your own sleeves. You say we are perverts because we watch porn? We openly talk about sex? Is that what makes us perverts? Then the perverts who rape girls are straight, I hope you guys won’t deny that they aren’t perverts just because they are straight, will you?

What are we perverts doing out of our perversion? Are we raping your sons or you? Are we forcing anyone to have  sex with us? If you think we are, THEN the person can be called pervert. But till then, I don’t think its perversion. Perverts are those who stalk people, who eve teases others not the ones who admire people of same sex or have consensual sex with people of same sex.

You may say that premarital sex is a kind of perversion (although I think expressing your desires and your love shouldn’t require a marriage certificate) but tell me if gays don’t have marriage equality, then how do you expect them to not have premarital sex? Although I know that you do not want gay sex anyhow hence you find not letting gays marry a better option but then if you think you can stop a person from having sex by not letting them marry and calling them perverts, you are sadly mistaken. Sex is a part of life. Every individual belonging to animal kingdom has one thing common, sexual urges. Everyone desires sex in their life and just because YOU homophobic people can bash us with your slurs, I don’t think we’ll stop ourselves if the two individuals want it.

Because we aren’t harming you or anyone, I don’t think you guys should be given the right to bash us. Two people having sex will not affect anyone’s life, not even a fly. So I think you guys should not speak any crap you want to.

You know, I think government should change the “Right to speak” to “Right to speak sense” and must criminalize hatred and bullying instead of criminalizing sex between two consensual adults. Oh BTW do you read the word “ADULTS” there? Please pay extra attention to that ’cause I’m planning to come again with my views on “Pedophiles and Bestiality are next what lies ahead of homosexuality”. Till then, if you think I am pervert then cool, I am a proud pervert, not like you who marries a woman for producing babies and yet considers himself to be pure saint who doesn’t think of boobs and ass.

Drop your views in the comments. Help me grow 🙂

11 thoughts on “Homosexuals are perverts? Lets think over it

  1. The ones who raped me as a child and forced me to do perverted acts were homosexual, pedophile and I hope they are in hell now.

    1. The ones who did it must suffer. But because of them why everyone should? We don’t curse the whole heterosexual community when a guy rapes a young girl and kills her, do we?

  2. Who gets to define perversion? You? Your religion? I do not follow your religion. You are not my God. In my religion, homosexuality was nothing abnormal. Our heritage has temples and spiritual books on sex which has instances of homosexuality and was considered as normal. So I do not need your or your religion’s approval. Do I now? And yeah if homosexuality is abnormal to you people then in similar ways, heterosexuality is abnormal to us because for us homosexuality is normal. If I had to go and force my views on others then people would have killed me by now. Thank us that we are not aggressive to force our views on everyone. And anyway, even if I am pervert, what exactly is YOUR problem? I am happy with my boyfriend, he is happy with me. We have confined our perversion for each other. Why are you so interested in preaching me YOUR ideology? Why are you bothered? Are you getting harmed? Or are you threatened in anyway?

      1. Please tell us why? I’m really interested to know. Because YOUR PERVERSION does not threaten me. Your lack of knowledge surely threatens humanity. But how are YOU threatened by my PERVERSION? Please enlighten the FUCK out of us… Please do

  3. I think queers are considered perverts because sodomy is not sex. In all it’s forms, sodomy will not produce a child. Sex is the only natural way to produce a child. However, it is your life…..live it.

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