Bestiality and pedophilia are next of homosexuality!

Sorry for my mistakes already (if you find any :P)

So this statement makes me go LOLOLOLOL… “Homosexuals will promote bestiality and pedophillia”. People! Let me break your dream right now. Guess what? We homosexuals are trying to tell you that we need our right to live with a consenting adult. “ADULT” is the catch here. You know what adult means right?

Child abuse still exists in the law. We are not challenging that because we know what does consent mean. WE ARE NOT HERE FOR PEDOPHILLIA. Please get that gay… I mean straight. At least I understand that taking consent of a child on sexuality or sex is not very good idea because a child is still discovering and understanding the world. We want you to understand that we want to live our life with an ADULT of same sex who can MARRY and take care of the family like ANY other heterosexual family.

About Bestiality? Well as far as I know, one CANNOT determine consent of animal in having sex with a human. So NO we are not here to advocate bestiality either. We are SIMPLY trying to ask you to let two ADULT HUMAN beings live their life as they want.

NO we are not advocating for bestiality or pedophillia. If your brain is not able to get this SIMPLEST thing, then I REALLY want to ask you to go see some psychiatrist. Oh no wait. Go to NURSERY school teacher, they might will help you understand this simple English. Please stop using just ANY argument to prove homosexuals wrong. PLEASE get a life, you guys need it.

And yeah don’t give me the argument “Its against the culture”.  I’d like to bust that next. Wait for it. 😉 :*

3 thoughts on “Bestiality and pedophilia are next of homosexuality!

  1. Bestiality is legal in 25 states in the US while gay marriage is in 17 states. So, they can keep the bestiality argument to themselves. N fyi, if gay people were actually pedophiles, they would join the Catholic church n the Mormon temple in a week, which are the 2 main hubs of pedophile priests.

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