They will not stand with you

My family always told me that no one will ever stand with you other than your own family. They told me only family can carry you along as you’ll never be a burden on them but for others, you will always be a liability. So you have only one option to stick to the family. Your friends will not be there when you’ll be in need. They won’t be there when you’ll be ill. They won’t take care of you. Its a duty of a family. Family looks after each other.

They were right. No one but your family will stand by your side, will hold you in the time of need. But a question comes, WHICH family? The family you are born to, that is granted family or the family you make as you walk on the path of life, that’s chosen family? Well maybe if your parents and siblings are understanding, then the chances are that the granted family will stick to you forever. But if its otherwise, if they want you to compromise on your happiness for the sake of society, for the so called shame of loving a person of same sex or a different caste or of different religion, then the chances are, the chosen family will stand with you.

I am presently in a situation where my family, the family that I made in my life is supporting me. They are standing by my side when my granted family turned their backs on me. They feel ashamed that I love a guy being a guy. They want me to either accept heterosexuality and find a girl or else they will not accept me. They cannot understand. They are concerned about what to tell society instead of where does my true emotions are and I understand their feelings because its new to them and people freak out from new things. (Watch Croods, you’ll know)

Till the time the family comes out of the cave and starts following the light, I have my other family with me. This post is dedicated to all of them. This post is to tell them that I love them all and I’m glad that I am doing it when the month of love has JUST started. ❤

Happy new month, the month of love to all of you. 😀

7 thoughts on “They will not stand with you

  1. I loved this post particularly ‘coz even i m not yet out to my family but my boyfriend is. He got a similar response as u got from ur granted folks.. It really is extremely sad for us. Such situations leave us no option but to take some tough decisions of life like leaving your granted family. 😦
    Anyways, well written.. 🙂

  2. hi divyaroop! first of all i wanna hug you really tight and long. i have faced similar ostracism from my granted folks and i know it is not a good time for you emotionally. but i’m happy your accumulated extended family is taking really good care of you and you shall always have a shoulder to lean on with me. i pray things improve for you. 🙂 trust me things WILL get better. both of us will lead happy content lives someday and have all the happiness in the world. count me as your friend all through this life. 🙂 love and light to both of us 🙂

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