I failed

Kali Walia says, “Hello Hi, This is to certify that Mr. Divya Roop is not an attacking beast ready to find a prey in his sexual quest. He is, although, a sweet soul who never fails to put a smile on my face whenever we get the chance to meet. So judge him all you want for being an adorable ball of love! I hope he finds happiness in whatever he aspires to be. Plus, he is so hot that I’ve already booked him for another lifetime! I am honored to be his friend and love him to bits. xx”

Abhishek Arya and Rahul Maheshwari say, “This man is no different from any other friend of mine.”

Sahil Talwar says, “You are the most helping and understanding guy that i have ever come across. You love everyone around but you can never even think of doing all that shit that you have mentioned in your status (which is trying to forcefully have sex or turn or induce gay-ness in you). You are the best divvvviiii. :*”

Neha Mishra says, “It’s the very best. 🙂 I envy you for having a better dressing sense that I do, I love you for being you.”

Aayushee Sarma says, “DR ❤

The day karan told me about u, i was so hell bent on making u my frnd u hv no clue i somehow believe dat gays r too trustworthy and they r pretty awesome to be with and chill! but i have a problem with those who dont tell the world openly that they r gays! that simply disheartens me! uff…coming back to u! i met u for the first tym yesterday and puh-leezzzz u werent “abnormal or sumthng” AS THE WORLD SAYS IT! and your biiiiggg cudddlllyyy hugs can make one’s day so easily! u r so “huggable”. i want to be frnds with u for a Loooonnnggg tym becoz i can sense how good u r and u hv a golden heart! i wont make u forget that ever :* ”

Simran says, “Toshu (my nick name)..!! a friend like u is must.. I dont care if a person is straight, homosexual or what.. One has right to live in one’s own way… I just need a friend good at heart, trustworthy wid whom i can laugh and share my feelings.. And you are one of dem… I’m lucky to have you… always be in touch and stay blessed… one more thing you are good at heart.. And please come to college more often, Ameekar irritates a lot. :P”

Archie Arora says, “I always wanted to meet and know a gay… I thought them to be different … And guess what I was right… You people are different , you people are the best , you are real, you are true , you love, you care ,you are selfless… Basically you people are flawless…. And particularly you Divyaroop “I am BLESSED to know u”.”

Nishikar Gaur says, “So, my experience with you has always been a great fun… Despite you being a homosexual, I never felt uncomfortable with you… You always treat me as your own dear child… Rather It has always been fun being with you.. And thing will change soon.. Good times will come as well. Don’t worry this brother of you will always b with you… Love u bhaiya (Hindi word for elder brother).”

Aashish Pahwa says, “You know what, you are the nicest person in the college. My personal photographer. 😛 The best thing in you is that you are frank and open to all. Go on enjoy your life. Take care.”

Bhanu Pratap says, “One of the best gay mate a straight person can have.”

Akansha Verma says, “Love you Toshu bhaiya…You are so nice…and your dance today was rocking. Seriously as much as I love you I also respect you. And you don’t know this but once someone was saying shit about gays but when he took your name, I fought with him in front of teacher. I really love you and respect you as well. You are the sweetest brother and I love your hug.”

Bhavika Arora says, “You are my first gay friend. In fact, you are the only gay person I have known as closely. And believe you me, I have never met any guy so sweet, so adorable, ever before. You give me the best hugs! You have the best smile with the best dimple. And I still want to marry you. Whenever you’re ready baby! But seriously, you have all my love and support. Knowing you has been a blessing.”

These are few of my friends. You read their experience having me as friend. Most of them are with me for more than an year and guess what I failed. At what? At your point of view that homosexuality is a disease that spreads, a disease that gays spread t others by luring them for sex. I failed at it. What could be more saddening for you is, I love that I failed you guys. A lot of my friends are still sending me their views about their experience with me and who all felt like a gay after knowing me. No girl and NO BOY AS WELL. Keep looking for my second blog about my friends. I’ll post another one with views of other friends.

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