Last Tears

Is it worth crying? What will you get? Any solution? No. No, it never solved anything. Yet you cry; cry your heart out. It helps your heart feel less burdened. You see things. You see them clearly. You see where you are. You notice. You notice every details. You notice the unseen. You see beyond what your eyes can see.

I saw a beautiful world. I want to live in this world. The world that I found after crying. I saw how beautiful everyone is. I saw how beautiful the lights are. I saw how beautiful the life is. But I need another pair of eyes. Eyes to appreciate my vision, eyes to see with me.

The eyes who saw me,who saw with me are gone. Maybe forever? Maybe they will come back? But they are gone for now. I see, I enjoy but the loneliness crawls into my feared mind and makes me cry. The more I cry, the more beautiful the life becomes.

I have many others, many other eyes to see what I see. But those eyes which I saw for past 22 years are not there. They don’t find my world beautiful. Why can’t we see the beauty from others eyes? Why is it so difficult to see the beauty? Maybe those eyes are accustomed to one particular beauty.

Its OK. “Everything is OK.” That’s what I tell myself every time and then I stop crying. That’s when I tell myself, “It was the last time I had tears.” But…

Now I see beautiful world, beautiful people, beautiful lights and a beautiful life. A life where a beautiful path lies ahead. Sunshine, green hedges, colorful flowers, red sandstone path. Its going on and on and on and I love this journey. I know it won’t be long when I’ll realize that I am alone. But till then…

…I’m gonna live and enjoy this beauty; the beauty I can see after my last tears and the beauty which will get hazy after my new tears. So, for now, let me live.

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