Valuable life, is it?

We miss you Pasha aka Pratyasha
We miss you Pasha aka Pratyasha

“Value your life for you get it once” they said.

Here I was feeling low about certain things going bad in my life and people were telling me “Value your life. Don’t think of your life to be valueless.” I told them, “Life has no value. You are living, breathing today. You don’t know what does it have for you in store. You may just die. Its not life that has value but the people who come to your life and make it beautiful for you. Its the memories that you make with them, the ones you live.”

I was talking about life and the next thing I remember is my friend leaving me, leaving us and departing to a beautiful world (She deserves one). She left her elemental cover and her soul, left; in search of a new cover, in search of a better world. I hope she finds one.

She was my senior in my college. I remember she had a crush on me (LOL). There was a time she used to think that only girly guys are gays and she used to (kinda) not like such guys. The moment she got to know about me…

Well, she was kinda disappointed BUT we turned out to be AWESOME friends. She used to run to me from far whenever she used to see me and I used to run to her. Hug each other without giving a fuck to what the world is thinking like nuts. We used to eye on cute guys in college and used fight over our guys as in which one is hotter (LOL). She always added some beautiful memories. Our sad talks, our sharing problems, our laughs together. Its all gone.

Her life was taken away in a jiffy, in an eye blink. A bus ran over her and she is dead. She will never talk to me, she will never run from distance to me, she will never hug me now. Life ends all of a sudden. Sometimes you are lucky to live long enough, sometimes you are lucky enough to know how long you are gonna live and sometimes its just gone. You don’t even get to bid farewell.

Don’t value life, I say. Value people, value those beautiful memories that you lived because THAT is how you are living, THAT is why you are living. Value each and every second that you are blessed with ‘cz you never know when are you gonna die. You may never get to say goodbye. Make memories, love them. Love someone so crazily that you travel to meet them and make their moment special even if it turns out to be shitty but live it. Make someone smile, and if you have hurt someone, say sorry. Its not about being formal but about trying; Trying to not go with any regrets. Say thank you if you really want to. Cry if you feel like. Laugh your heart out. Smile cz that may make someone’s life beautiful.


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