Mind… It’s one of the most interesting thing. It makes you watch, observe, listen and feel. It makes you realize, understand, believe, judge, introspect and trust. But above all, it allows you to think.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are thinking a lot of things at the same time and you actually don’t know what you are thinking of so much? Recently, few words and phrases are just filling up my brain and they keep coming every now and then. And I guess these words are enough to describe life. These are:

[Life, Death, problems, family, love, changes, beauty, happiness, sorrows, smile, fake, live, survival, help, “Thank you”, “You are important because without you, it cannot exist”, “its just beautiful”, perspective, belief, faith, emotions, emotionless, “the existence of one is true and the existence of its opposite is nothing but the absence of it”, “Truth can be manipulative lies”, friendship, accident, roads, “nothing exist but the existence of everything is true”, “Happiness is always within your reach, you just need to turn on the lights before you start looking for it”, search, stories, ends, saving, insomnia, sleep, cheating, honesty, broken, strength.]

These are all coming up very randomly. I don’t wanna know what is it supposed to mean because, these raw words and phrases are more beautiful for me. This time my brain has gotten lost in thoughts and surprisingly I am enjoying it, even the sadness seems to be beautiful. And if its beautiful, its worth enjoying and it becomes pleasure. This weird situation is making me think what’s wrong with me but then I think, let it be. Let’s just be happy for everything that we have instead of thinking what we don’t have and how it should be, etc.

Don’t look for reasons of something’s occurrence or existence. Don’t look for answers of every question but enjoy the mystery, let somethings be unanswered unless if its not hurting anyone’s life.

“Live the present. The present if hypothetical joint between the microsecond which just passed and the microsecond which is about to come. So you don’t have enough present to live. Hence, live as fast as you can for it is going away and once gone will never return. Don’t be bothered about answers and reasons for everything for the more you waste time searching for your queries the lesser you are living in present.”

And I know this post is as random as my thoughts are right now. Anyway, there are many other things for me to share, but later on. I shall try to sleep now.

Good night people.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Divyaroop main tumhari pasha ki mom hun.mujhe ye sab padh kar accha laga. Tumhare baare mein vo aksar baat kiya karti thi aur main uski in besirpair ki baaton ko enjoy bhi karti thi. Ab main vo sab miss kar rahi hun . Main uske sabhi doston ke comts mein use mahsoos kar rahi hun. Tum sabhi ko meri shubhkamnain .

    1. thank you aunty. Pasha humare sath humari har baat me, har aadat me hai. Pasha chahe humare sath nahi ho, lekin hum jante hai, wo humare sath hai. Usne mujhe bohot kuchh sikhaya hai or usko miss karna toh laazmi hai. Wo humesha humare zindagi ka hissa ban kar rahegi 🙂

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