Its a wonderful life

What will you consider a wonderful life? A life where you own your dream car, a penthouse, with swimming pool in your lawn, money flowing in without doing much task and house filled with paintings of artists from all over the walls, designer clothes, top brands, iMac, a separate room for partying, a separate room for gaming on your xbox on a huge plasma/LED TV?

I know most of us would love to have that life, those luxuries (at least I do). But I guess its more luxurious life than wonderful life. Confused? Why would someone call such a life luxurious but not wonderful? Or maybe you guessed it by now?

Let me come to “What is wonderful according to me”. For me, a wonderful life would be, a life that has true friends who stand by your side at the times of need, be able to help your friends when they need you, a person who loves you and whom you love a lot, the kind of love that doesn’t fade but knows how to go through ups and downs and live together even after the problems. For me it will be wonderful if I am able to work and use my brain for the creation of something spectacular and not just let it rot. It will be wonderful if I can observe and not just see, feel and not just read or listen, live and not just breath. It will be wonderful if I can learn as many things I can and want to. Get loved by people for what I am instead of getting hate for what my sexuality is. Get respect for what I do instead of getting judged for how I walk and talk.

For me its wonderful if I see cheerful faces of the people I love and who love me. It will be wonderful if I can be of any help to anyone.The feeling of someone coming to you to thank you for you helped them in the need is just unmatched. Money helps you survive for sure but these little things make me live, fill me up with a new energy and hope. I may not be the best one to help you out but I will try.

I will try because I believe that makes my life wonderful, to see people happy around me. Having luxuries is a desire but having a wonderful life, for me, is a need. It helps me live. What is a wonderful life for you? Think over it. 🙂

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