Can we be good friends?

Friendship, let me talk about it today. How many of you have always thought that THIS one is going to be my friend? Because in my history, it always happened. So this is how it goes:

I meet/add someone(in person/on FB), like not just see online and that’s it. I talk/chat with them. We like each other (if we have good, somewhat funny and sometimes serious discussions). We talk/chat more. Then we talk/chat more often. And after sometime, viola, we are friends.

Then how do we proceed further? TALK. I believe, having conversation is very necessary for ANY relation to continue in the same way. Yeah, sometimes, conversations can lead to the end of it as well but that depends on what kind of conversation are you having and what level of understanding is in between you guys. If things go right, you become good… best friends and if not then either it ends or just fades away.

This is one reason why I never understood the concept of asking, “Can we be GOOD friends?” This question seems to be just so wrong to me. Even, “Can we be friends” is inappropriate for me. I cannot tell if we can or not.

I want the friendship to flourish like a wild flower which grows itself. Yeah, flower dies one day and I think so does friendship. Some of them are like orchids which grows slowly and lasts really long. BUT the main point is, LET IT GROW ON ITS OWN.

Lets just know each other and let the time decide can we be friends or not. I hope if you are reading this then next time, you know how to become friends with someone and will not go asking people, can we be friends.

Cheers to the Friendship that makes our life so easy and beautiful 🙂


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