I love you

Three words: “I love you”, these three words can be the best words that you have ever heard and these can be the worst nightmare for you. These words take away your nights sleep in both situations. If its the first situation, then watching your love sleeping can be more beautiful and worth living through the night than wasting the time on sleeping. And if its the second situation, then the tears rolling down from your eyes will never stop and will make your nights sleepless.

“Ranjha Ranjha kardi ni mai appey Ranjha hoyi”

Heer says, “I am madly in love with Ranjha. I take his name all the time. Every breath of mine calls out his name. I am so madly in love that I am not Heer anymore. I am Ranjha now. My existence doesn’t matter. Its just him who matters.”

Have you ever been so madly in love?

I really don’t know what is love for this world. “This world has lost its glory”. People say “I love you” when they need someone for the momentarily relief. They say it when they need to hide their lies. They say it when they want to get into someone’s pants. They say it to someone else when they don’t or can’t get someone who they want. They say it a LOT and for varied reasons.

How many actually mean it? I guess everyone. Its the truth for THAT particular instant. And if you are lucky it will go on for few weeks or months. And if you are unlucky then you’ll have to continue saying it for the society to know that there’s nothing wrong and everything is normal and you are caring and loving.

I, too, used these words for a few times and it all went in vain. For one reason or the other, my love never became mine. Some fell in love with others, some were more interested in fighting, some cannot forgive and give another try, some just need a reason to end because you are not interested in sex much and they can’t tell you directly for they’ll look like perverts.

Love needs honesty, patience, calmness, time, maturity, understanding, communication, acceptance. For love, you need to understand that EVERY FUCKING human has LOTS of flaws. No one, NO ONE can be flawless. If you love someone, you accept them with their flaws and HELP them to mend it. You don’t just leave them because they had flaws. Love is not like a phase that comes and goes. If you are not sure what you should call it, then just DON’T say I love you. Know the person first. Know their flaws more. Think if you can live with those flaws or not. Come to a conclusion. Just don’t say I love you because the other person loves you, or you want to get into their pants or any other reason.

“I love you” has the power to either make someone’s life beautiful or just fuck it up for life. Think before you speak.

2 thoughts on “I love you

  1. Words fall short whenever I try to say “I love you”! My struggle with love is to transcend gap. The gap or limitation I feel inside constantly! The limitation that I could touch when open night sky engulfs me, when sudden rain drenches me, when a quick smell of flower intoxicates me! My struggle with love is always to find that bridge which could complete me,which could help me with the bridge to wholeness! So when I enter my love – bodily or spiritually, my quest is to touch that unlimited! And each time it ends with a pain as the intercourse with the “whole” is so short spanned! Still “I love you” as it is my journey towards that wholeness which I lost at birth!

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