What makes you beautiful

Are you tired of people commenting about your face? Are you frustrated that people make fun of your belly? Are you not able to take it anymore? Do you want to become beautiful? Here are the seven steps to be beautiful:

1) You were born beautiful, BELIEVE.

2) You are what you are, UNDERSTAND.

3) You, your health, your face is what you are blessed with, ACCEPT.

4) You are just perfect if you are not facing any ailment because of your health or looks, KNOW.

5) The world is NOT about muscles, fair skin, huge dick, tight pussies, etc. You are best, CONFIDENCE.

6) People will talk shit about ANYTHING which seems to be unusual to them but it doesn’t mean you are ugly, IGNORE.

7) No one on this Earth is perfect, REALIZE.

Happiness comes from within not from approval of someone who doesn’t mean a thing to you. The beauty lies in your eyes not in the person you are looking at. For me, a beautiful person is one who knows how to talk with people and how to deal with them. Someone who works for a better world not just filling up his pocket. Someone who is compassionate. Someone who spreads love and happiness. Someone who understands friendship. Someone who is humble.

What is ugly for me? Someone who ruins someone’s life. Someone who is desperate to have sex. Someone who values money over emotions. Someone who tells lies to portray him/her self as innocent. Someone who uses others for their benefit and harm them or do not return them the favor. Someone who puts blame on others to not get charged as guilty. Someone who spread hatred.

So basically, these small things are what makes a person beautiful or ugly in my point of view. For others it maybe different. But the basic idea of beauty is be what you are. You are human, so be one. Don’t be inhumane. And if you are human enough, then you are beautiful enough.

Respect, courtesy, modesty, humility, love, dignity, self respect, compassion; that’s all it takes to be beautiful. If you have these then, voila! You are beautiful. May this beauty be with you forever. Much Love.

4 thoughts on “What makes you beautiful

  1. The toughest challenge is true, unconditional self-love. And I don’t mean this in a narcissistic way but as in self-compassion and embracing oneself with flaws. If you can do that confidently, the naysayers will automatically hang!
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more posts.

  2. And smile…! You should smile as often as possible. There’s an entire Ted talk about smiling… so… when you smile you look even more beautiful šŸ˜€

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