Come back

“Isn’t it hurting you as well? Can’t you feel the pain? You know how much I need you. Look into my eyes and tell me you don’t. You cannot look into my eyes. You are looking away. Just once, look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love me. Stop. Don’t leave me.

You promised we’ll be together. You said you’ll never leave me then what happened now? What happened to those promises? What happened to those plans of moving out together? What happened to the promises of fighting with the world together? Did I hurt you? You know I can do anything to see you smile.

Come back. See how vulnerable I am. Tell me that doesn’t effect you. You are the only one where I find my solace. Hiding my face in your chest gives me the comfort I cannot find anywhere. We were supposed to go through all the ups and downs together. But now you are nowhere to be found. I am standing here on this road all alone, not able to see where to go. Tears blind me. You used to wipe my tears off. You used to hold my hand and take me along.

You are gone and its dark here. Where shall I go from here? At least tell me which way to go? I have done mistakes I know. But please forgive me. I am incomplete without you. I need you. I love you.


I was listening to this song called ‘Kabhi jo badal Barse (Female version) and it brought all these emotions to me.

2 thoughts on “Come back

    1. sure. you know you just threatened me on public space? I have this comment in my mail. I hope you know that now if I die without your involvement, you still can get arrested?

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