Cupid’s Arrow

I was struck by a arrow. I opened up my eyes and you were standing there. I fell in love. I held you close to feel your warmth and I realised it has to be you. I was happy. The world seemed to be playing a beautiful chord. It felt right to be in your arms. I started living. i started loving. But the cupid was funny.

I didn’t know the first person I got to see when I open my eyes was already struck by a cupid’s arrow. Soon, the arrow that had struck me made me realise its presence in my heart. It started to pierce and started giving me the pain. Blood rolled down my cheeks coming out of my eyes. I wiped it off. I wipe it off every time and smile at you because I know, you will smile back to me when you see me smile. I don’t want you to be upset seeing my bleeding because you’ve got the best smile in this world that can light up the darkest days of my life.

I know that cupid has played the similar game with you too and you too are smiling to hide your bleeding from someone else. Wish I could…

I guess the cupid needs to get struck by his own arrow to realise how it feels to get love and lose it at the same time.

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