A book now closed

Once there was a guy. He was an open book. His emotions, his feelings, his thoughts, his point of views, everything was as it was in the heart. He never hesitated in sharing any kind of emotion, whether it was happiness or sadness, regardless of who the person is, whether a close friend or a newly made friend. The only thing you needed to do was to ask.

Once he fell in love or so as he thought. He wanted no one to know unless he was sure of it. A friend of his noticed a spark in his eyes whenever which appeared only when he used to meet one particular guy. The friend realised that something is cooking. So, he went up to him and asked him if he likes the other guy. He simply asked how do you know? His friend now knew it for sure. Thinking that no one else must know, he took a promise from his friend to not tell anyone about it. His friend promised.

Few days later, he realised a change in his crush (love interest). He used to ignore any eye contact with him. Irritated, he went up to him and asked what was wrong. He replied, “I am not gay, so stay away from me, you creep.”

Now he understood that his friend had spilled out the secret. He cried and fought with his friend. His friend simply said sorry and left. He was more hurt about his crush calling him a creep instead of the fact that he just got outed in front of everyone. This reached to his parents and his parents tried to confront him and help him change himself. He was heartbroken and there was no one to give him solace. He locked himself in his room, spent most of his time on internet, trying to find a friend online who will listen to him and that’s it and other time, he’ll go to the psychiatrists, visit priests and counsellors as his parents thought it will change him.

He will come out of room only for food or when he had an appointment. He made a friend online. They used to talk often. But he never told him what happened or is happening with him these days. The online friend used to share his problems and he used to help him calm down and try to find a way out of his problems. At first, he was scared to share anything because of recent betrayal but once he saw the guy being comfortable sharing his problems, he got the confidence to share his story with his.

He, after a long time, went out of his house to meet that online friend for the first time. There he shared his problems with him. This friend of his went blank once he heard his story. After few minutes he left saying he has to be home soon. At first he believed him but after that he never heard anything from this friend. He again felt betrayed.

One day he again decided to spend his time surfing internet and interacting with people. One of his old friend was online so he thought to chat with him but his friend said, “Look dude, I know you have problems in your family and with your friend but you need to get a life. No one is going give you a shoulder to cry on. Its life and you will have to live on somehow. I am not in the town anymore but you are my friend and I care for you. You should move ahead and live your life.”

He was astonished to see how his friend knows about it. So he asked him. His friend told him that a friend of his is friends with him too and that he had met him recently. He realised it was his online friend. He told him he is fine and nothing is to be worried about. He knew that there are lots of people to help him out and yet he felt more alone that ever before.

He was an open book. Now he has realised how important it is to wear a fake mask in the world and hide your tears. you cannot trust anyone for they can spill your secrets. And the ones close to you, even if they don’t spill your secrets, they try to sympathise with you which ultimately is good for nothing but a temporary relief.

The open book which was available for everyone to read is not closed. It is now covered in a beautiful looking case which is locked by layers of locks just to hide the book which is rotting inside it, away from the world’s reach.

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