Our culture you say?

I would like to apologise in advance for I am going to use some foul words as I am really furious right now. So much that I wish a few people could burn right in front of my eyes. And also if this hurts your religious sentiments, then let me tell you beforehand, I am a Hindu and a lover of Shiva and Krishna, most probably they were more advanced than the Colonial British valuesΒ rushing in the bloods under the Indian skins of today, which unfortunately constitutes the majority of Indian population. And yeah I mean no offence but I am trying to put the facts in front of you with the least harsh words I can, after what I have faced today.

So I was in metro talking to my friends about section 377 in India (if you do not know, google it). Basically, section 377 is about sexual act amongst two individual so I was describing my friends about it and from there I went on to telling them how Hinduism had always been open about LGBT relations and people.

I was describing the story of one lesbian sex in Hindu mythology and one “GENTLEMAN” interrupted in-between saying, “Stop preaching wrong things about our culture.” I asked him, “What wrong things are talking of?”

Then he figured he should diverge to make me stop talking about it so he came up with his best. He said, “You have a girl with you and you are talking about all this out loud.” I said, “She doesn’t have any problem. They are all my friends.”

Now he says, “You can talk slowly.” I said I have friends sitting at different places. I can’t go and whisper in everyone’s ears.”

Then another “GENTLEMAN” interrupts saying,”Then get out of the metro and talk.” I asked him, “Are you the only one here to head back home?” Β Now the first man says, “You don’t have to come down to sex all the time.” I said, “Its because we are talking about a thing which HAS to deal with sex.”

Now he comes to the point, “Our culture doesn’t have all this.” THIS was the moment I had been waiting for. Oh and before that, did I mention that during all this, a sardar kept on bullying me and telling me if I raise my voice, he’ll throw me out of the metro, to which I simply said, “Give it a try. Shut him up and I’ll not respond. He is calling for more.” and then he would try to calm him down.

Now getting back to the moment I had been waiting for. I heard “Our CULTURE” and I LAUGHED, like literally. I was like, “Dude do you know what Khajuraho temple is about? or have you heard about Kamasutra? You say our CULTURE doesn’t talk about sex? Are you sure you have your facts right?”

I forgot to remind him of one more thing which I will add here. You tell me that our culture doesn’t talk of sex and shit like that and you will have to face one SIMPLE question: “What has Shiva left as his symbol that you pray all the time?”

If you are having a hard time thinking, then let me answer it for you: Its Shiva-LINGA. How would you call it in English BTW? Oh I know… It’s Shiva’s penis.

You pray to a penis protruding OUT of a yoni (that is Vagina in english and I still don’t understand what exactly does it mean for a penis coming out of vagina because the linga looks like the head of the penis instead of the crotch side. A friend of mine suggests its the inside view when the penis is inside the vagina) hoping that it will give you salvation. And you say OUR culture never talks about sex. I would like to say, my DEAREST ignorant brainless creatures, please wake up and see or at LEAST think before you speak.

Yeah I know I am not the master of our culture but I am at least aware of what I am saying.Β I made sure that everyone around me knows what they are doing by being ignorant and trying to bully us for talking the truth. I told my friends LOUDLY, “My parents were right. This society will NEVER accept me because THESE are the kinds walking this Earth. They are the reason why my parents left me. They fear that these people will make THEIR lives a pain. So they HAD to abandon me. BUT WHY SHOULD IT MATTER TO THEM? Because they ALL will go home, have their dinners and sleep the night and continue with their lives. They do not care and they DO NOT want to know how many lives they have destroyed and how many families got separated or how many died trying to fit in and failing in the end.”

My friends tried to calm me down but I said, “We say people need to get educated but these kinds will never attend a gathering where they are supposed to get knowledge about it. They need to listen right here right now. They can talk all the crap about us, they can make our lives a hell but they cannot listen to what they are contributing. I have the right to speak and I will speak. They cannot listen, they have the right to ignore and also leave.”

People went silent, all eyes on me. A tear rolled down my eyes but they all remained unaffected. I know they will never change and will always be hypocrites but I had to make my voice heard to such pieces of shit just for the sake of what my heart said was right.


17 thoughts on “Our culture you say?

  1. Commendable!! One good thing that those shitty people did was, THIS article. Always keep your spirits high, my friend, as long as you have words to defend you. All the best. God bless. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you… And yes…I won’t deny, it is those creatures who made me write this. I wish this reaches out to more such people. πŸ™‚ We really need to speak up. its high time now πŸ™‚

  2. I can just say that what you did is appreciable. it requires great courage to do this. i wish i was there…we could have bashed them together πŸ™‚ and as you said…it’s high time now…we need to speak up.
    i recently found out this. hope you like it…

    Thanks for standing up.

    1. We need each other together in the fight because these homophobes are never alone. When they start speaking, all other homophobes get the strength to bach us together and silence us. We need to be together to show them that we also have voices to speak up πŸ™‚

  3. its sad…
    Told you world is not a jolly good place…some face bad things early in their childhood…some have to deal with it later…:) I am gratefull to god that he gave you courage….hope for the best..that’s only thing that keeps me going..

    1. I think its rather good because that is how the world will hear us. The only thing we need is strength and courage to speak up and let the realize how hypocrite they are.

  4. What you did was the right thing. We need to call bullshit when we see it. We shouldnt be afraid to talk about our rights snd sexuality in public.

    1. True. Moreover I do not think that talking about sex in public is wrong that too with a bunch of friends who are mature enough to know what sex is. sex is a part of life and we all at some point of time do it unless you become a sanyasii (not like the juvenile ones( πŸ˜›

  5. Indian Culture- the one thing that the whole Country thinks as if their moral responsibility to protect. Something Everyone should be proud of.
    Even though they themselves have never flipped through pages those holy books.
    I cant understand, what kind of Stubbornness is this ?
    Why cant they see simple logical things?
    Cant they realize that they are on the wrong side? How can it escape their minds that there is no proof of what they believe and want us to believe?

    And What kind of culture are they talking about?
    Ramayan is used by parents to teach girls how to be an ideal wife,ideal mother and an ideal daughter..ideal of course stands for being submissive and obedient.
    We worship a man who sent his pregnant wife to exile. Of course Rama the good boy made her (Whom he “loved “very much) walk into fire.

    Thousands of Women were burnt with their husbands dead body
    One case of bride burning happens ever few hours somewhere in the country.

    So this is our “Culture” (outdated ,obsolete ,bigoted) which we should be proud of. Or Should we be ashamed of it?

    it high time to throws books away and take our brains out of the closet and Use it!

    1. I won’t comment in any holy book or any story because there is always something good to learn from those. But the problem is human culture was supposed to be accepting the change with time. People need to learn and accept a change which is for other’s happiness and does not compromise on theirs

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