Nature v/s Nurture

So other day, I was watching the debates on homosexuality in India. A Hindu activist says, its still not determined whether its nature or nurture. I would like to put some light on this topic. I say, it cannot be nature. It has to do with nurture because you know, gays are NOT natural, they are nurtured to be gay. Now what all things nurtured me to be like this? Lets see…

You know, when I was born, my parents taught me different values and they taught something else to my siblings. They turned out to be straight and I turned out to be gay. I guess parents should stop giving moral values to their kids, it turns them into gays. Also my parents used to give me and my siblings the same home cooked food, which also caused me to turn into gay.

I am a vegetarian. I guess that must be another factor. I was nurtured in that way. People should stop eating vegetarian food. You’ll turn into gay. But wait, what about the gay people who eat non veg? I think its not non veg or veg, its food in general. People should stop eating food.

Now to protect us from homes, schools are made. But hey, I also went to school, a public school that too. I guess public schools make people gay. Public schools should be shut down. Ummmm… But then what about my friends who have studied in all boys or all girls school and turned out to be gays? I guess its not public school or boys school or girls school, its schools in general. They make people gay. CLOSE DOWN SCHOOLS.

I have three elder sisters. People tell me that it can be the reason. I know right? People should not have sisters. But then, I have friends who have brothers only, or both brothers and sisters and still they are gays. I guess it’s not brothers or sisters, its just that having siblings make you gay. Parents must have only one child. Oh wait! I just remembered, I have few friends who are the only child to their parents. I guess they are gay becauuuuussssseeeeee….. Oh fuck it, people shouldn’t have kids, they turn to be gays anyhow.

Ok… Now I remember, I was not very active in sports maybe that can be one factor? yeaaaahhhh… But wait, then what about my friends who are gay and play sports actively? I guess, its because they secretly do not play sports when they are on the field? Naahhh.. Maybe they are gay becausseeeee…. I don’t know. Now all my logics are failing. I think I should rather accept that its Natural. What do you say?

I saw people putting up the topic of bestiality again because someone said, our culture has vividly shown homosexuality in temples. To those, please read my blog about bestiality here:

BTW this is another important thing that I must speak out. I saw a guy commenting on that video that some guy try to sexually harass him in a train when he was a kid so now he stands against homosexuals and he can even kill such person if he finds one.

This was so interesting to read. You get molested by one guy and you can kill all homosexuals. How about killing all heterosexual boys because we often read at least one news which says a girl got molested or a 5 year old girl was raped and killed or a foreigner got raped in public, etc? You know what? Let’s kill all the men because they rape and molest. Lets hate all heterosexual and homosexual guys. Lets kill them all. Hey girls, (specially gay girls) you all have a good news 😉 .

My dear mortals, come out of thy shells. See the world as it is and not as thy think it is. Allowing homosexuals to live freely will NOT destroy thy culture nor will it destroy human race. You know it in your heart. Just face it. I do not understand why do you not want people to live as they want to. I request to all my mortal friends, in the end you all will die so let people live happily and you too live happily.

1 thought on “Nature v/s Nurture

  1. Well said!….You are right, most people argue that it is not natural to be homosexual, that it is a western fad and that this not the time to focus on such issues. These people are procrastinators who did rather live in blissful ignorance than face the uncomfortable truth. They do not make the attempt to understand anything about homosexuality because they are so scared of stepping out of their comfort zone. In everyday life i make an attempt to ignore such people, except when they are someone close to me. I give them the choice to either accept me as i am or just go our different ways.

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