Stop being loud

“Its ok man. Your sexuality is just a part of you. Its not what defines who you are. You are more than your sexuality. Why the hell do you have to be so loud about your sexuality? Why do you have to make a big fuss out of it? Why do you need a pride parade to show off your sexuality? Why do you guys have to dress up in weird ways for such things? We straight people don’t have straight pride or anything like that. Because we know that our sexuality is not what defines us. You guys should understand that.”

“My sexuality doesn’t define the person I am.” Agreed. “My sexuality is just a part of me.” Agreed to that as well. But when you say, “Why do you have to be so loud about it and make a big deal of it”, here is what I have to say.

Lets face it, we live in a society where, LGBTQIA community is being suppressed EVERYDAY. People are trying to NOT let us live the way we are. They want to force a particular lifestyle upon us. When you are forced to do something what you don’t want to do, you resist, you protest. And when the people who are forcing are not just 2 or three but more than two third of the world population, you HAVE to be loud.

Next, when you ask me why do gays have gay prides, we straight people don’t have straight pride, here is my reply. Lets see WHY straight people should totally have a pride parade:

1) You guys have to hide your sexuality from your family and friends.

2) You have to come out to your family and friends that you are straight.

3) Your age old friend leaves you and never contacts you after you come out because you are straight.

4)Your mother cries for weeks and stops eating properly thinking what worng did she do to have a kid like you (a straight child).

5) Your father tells you that you are a disappointment for him because you are straight.

6) Your sibling tells you that you are a disgrace to your family because you are straight (Do I need to write “Because you are straight” all the time? Please consider it to be there anyhow, its too redundant)

7) Your country laws say that you are criminal and can be held for life imprisonment or even be charged with death penalty.

8) All the religious leaders around the world consider you sinner and will keep trying so that you cannot get married to the one you love.

9) You have to face awkward situations where your friends are checking out a person of the same sex and making comments about their curves.

10) Several of you are mentally tortured, sent to priest and psychiatrists to “CURE” your sexuality.

11) The society looks down on you with disgust.

12) The society and family creates an environment where you cannot think of anything but “how can you change your sexuality so that everyone accepts you”.

12) You are locked up in a room for days and weeks with no connectivity to outer world, worse than a rehab, until and unless you decide to change your sexuality. More like, become an ex-straight.

13) A lot of you fail to change and consider to commit suicide and no one will ever get to know how many of you died because of such pressure.

14) You are forced to marry someone of same sex so that you can focus on your partner and forget that you are straight.

15) When you are born, people already presume that you are gay.

16) You are told that you are mentally sick.

17) You are called by derogatory names.

18) People use the word “Straight” as a synonym of something bad or idiotic or weird or stupid or disgusting.

19) You have to struggle for the acceptance in the society if everyone knows you are straight or else you have to pretend and live a fake life.

20) People like you are bullied and killed for being straight.

Till now I have given 20 reasons why there MUST be a straight pride. Do you want more reasons or is that sufficient.

Several LGBT people have to face such things in their entire life. You say “WHY” we need pride parade? Its to show the world that we exist. Its to show the ones struggling with their sexuality that we are there for you, accept yourself. Its to celebrate the diversity of sexualities. Its to pay homage to the ones who died fighting for their lives. Its to pay respect to those who are constantly fighting for their right to love someone. Its to give condolence to those whose families left them because of their sexuality.

You guys should be happy that you guys are privileged and don’t need a pride. You guys don’t need one day to celebrate being who you are after facing discrimination whole year because you don’t face discrimination because of your sexuality. The whole year is a straight pride for you because the whole year, you can be who you are without fighting for your existence.

Just because our parade is fancy and full of colours and seems like a celebration, doesn’t mean that it is just a parade to show off your sexuality by dressing up weirdly. Oh and that reminds me of the part “Why dress up so weirdly for such parades”. Well, honey, in pride parade, people can be who they are and what they want to be. Their dresses are not weird, they are just being fabulous in their own way. Don’t be jealous.

That’s all.

5 thoughts on “Stop being loud

  1. I thought they were having straight pride all the year round, especially now that there is no longer a specific wedding season. The Grand Straight Pageant goes on all the year round! Ever seen the glitter and show and the noise and the menace to movement on the streets and the tossing away of excess food? Haven’t seen it? Or maybe we should call that Straight Shame!!!!!!!

  2. ‘Oh and that reminds me of the part “Why dress up so weirdly for such parades”’
    OMG OMG I just noticed this bit! Am I to understand that these str8 pageants are enacted in lungis and banyans?
    btw hasn’t even the Dilli Metro dedicated a station to this tomfoolery????

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