Love is a beautiful emotion that makes you go blah blah blah…

Let’s face it. Its just another emotion that a person may or may not experience. Love is not something special. For every person, love may mean something different. For some, its a feeling that brings heart breaks in the end. For some, it maybe the beds of roses and unicorns and rainbows.

Love is a feeling that you feel for someone. It may happen at a time when you feel broken and vulnerable and someone comes to hold you up or at a time when you see someone angelic and your heart skips a beat at the sight. Love is a feeling that can happen between two different people from very different region. Love has no boundaries.

But what exactly is love in the end? Does it mean that the person you love should love you back the way you do? Or does it mean that if I have loved you this much then you should do this for me or should return me the equal value for that love? Is it really love or a trade? Some people come up with, when you love one person how can you love someone else? Well, as I said, love can happen between any two people (I do not want to include love between a person with something here). Love happens not when a person gives you love but when you feel happy with that person and you MAY feel happy with several people at the same time.

Now here comes the main point. What do you want from your love? When will you feel happy with a person whom you love? Will you feel happy when he loves you back or will you feel happy when he/she is happy?

What I believe is, love is a desire where you want your love’s happiness. You do not care about whether he/she loves you the way you do or not. You will do everything possible to see them happy. A hint of sadness on your love’s face or in life will make you upset. Now some people end up ruining things between both of them by trying too hard and some just understand what they need and do the right thing. But in all, you just wish the person to be happy. Your happiness becomes second to you and that person’s happiness will become priority.

And if the person is only using you for his gain because you love that person, and you are stupid enough to get used, thinking you are in love and you will do everything, then you are being completely blind and YES, STUPID too. If your love is not respected and is being used, then you are in love with a wrong person. And yeah, when you love someone, it will be visible to the person whether you say it or not. Love is a feeling which, just like other feelings, need not be told all the time but still can be sensed by the person.

So yeah, love does not mean, a person can love only one person. A person may love several people at a time and with time, the degree of love may change. And when you love someone, its just the happiness of the person that matters more.

THAT is my idea of love.

Feel free to share what you feel.

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