Hip Hop in India

A famous hip hop singer of India recently came up with a song to tell us “What is Hip Hop”. For some reason my disappointment with Bollywood songs started increasing thanks to all new stars coming up who care less about the lyrics and more about the music. For some reason, in India, the songs have become less about sensible lyrics and meaningful expressions and more about hip and happening beats.

Earlier the same singer came up with a song which condemns the removal of section 377 by saying that it is F-Ugly, that is fat and ugly. According to the lyrics, it is said that we all know that removal of section 377, rape and murder of Jessica Lal, public peeing, writing on the walls of monuments are all fat and ugly yet we do not want to understand it.

[For those who do not know what is Section 377, let me tell you, it criminalizes any kind of sex between two people which is not peno-vaginal, and it doesn’t matter whether it was consensual or not.]

Now coming back to what is hip hop for this particualr artist and his co-artist, I don’t even know how shall I feel while describing the song. I don’t even know whether they actually understand what they are going to sing.

So this person says, I started as a music director and all the big superstars are my friends. And all the stars accept that the X-Factor of all the hit bollywood movies these days is the singer. A middle class boy is now a superstar and owns expensive cars. This is what hip hop is.

(I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t know about the life history of the Rap God, Eminem. The place where he came from and how he reached to the point where he is now considered as Rap God. Being music director and having lots of superstar friends, if that is how your career started then I’d request you to stop boasting about yourself.)

The singer continues saying,

“Million dollars, I don’t give a damn.

Women and girls, I don’t give a damn”.

(Fact check: This particular singer is is known as one of the most expensive singers, who charges Rs 10 million per song.

Also most of his songs are objectifying girls as sex figures or as an object of lust. Well if you think that I am just exaggerating, please go and see his songs and try to figure out the lyrics as well as the videos.)

This singer continues to claim that he will win Grammy someday all we need to do is pray for him.

(Well I will surely pray for some betterment in the kind of lyrics that you use and instead of objectifying women all the time, you actually create a difference in the world by your song. Eminem reached to the top because of his fans, yes. But his songs are actually moving. They not just make you dance but if you end up understanding the songs, you find yourself thinking and feeling the strong emotions associated with them. He did not sing “Ass like that” ONLY.)

And NOW the part that ends up making this song the MOST DISGUSTING SONG. His co-artist takes up the song from here. The co-artist got inspired by the song “Ass like that”.

(Well what an inspirational song, isn’t it. I guess you need to listen to Eminem’s more songs to get INSPIRED in a better direction.)

Now he comes to the part where he says, imagine how had it been without chocolate.

(I guess Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would have never made. What an amazing movie it is!)

Now he asks you to imagine what would have happened to the milk without Bournvita.

(Surely horlicks or boost will never have existed. Or did you just do that because you got paid for that line from Bournvita?)

Oh and now the most amazing line: He asks you to think over the fact that without the birth of the lead artist, there would have been no revolution in the music industry.

(Of course honey! Rahman sir wouldn’t have won the Oscar without your existence. Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy would have never produced amazing music. Arijit Singh wouldn’t have become such an amazing singer. And of course Hard Kaur never existed before you came into industry. I mean no one knew what hip hop was before you came and filled every movie in Bollywood with similar kind of music.)

And NOW to make the whole song the MOST DISGUSTING one, the co-artist starts telling us its his wish whether he wants to wear the T-shirt inside out or whether he wants to sing or not. (Sure buddy! Your life)

No wait that’s not all. The main part is yet to come…

“I cannot take this nonsense hygiene crap. Its my wish if I do not take shower for seven days.” (DUDE THAT IS FUGLY FOR SURE)

Well if THAT is what Hip Hop is about for you, then I AM SORRY. I am DONE with HIP HOP from YOU people. I BEG YOU PLEASE DO NOT COME TO ANY OF YOUR SHOW OR TO STUDIO WITHOUT TAKING SHOWER FOR SEVEN DAYS PELASE. Otherwise, I can’t say whether girls will faint by seeing you live or not, but they will surely faint by the STINK that you will carry. And a HUMBLE request, PELASE read the lyrics before you even THINK of putting it into music. PUHLEEEEZZZZZ… _/\_


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