What I can never understand…

I do not understand hate at all. I mean personal grudges or rivalries are fine because someone stole your girlfriend or harmed your loved ones in anyway or bought a better phone than yours are like personal reasons to envy someone or hate them but the hate for a whole community is something I can never understand.

One religious cult hates another one and kills the people who follow it or one region hates the other region and bombs it are the things I can never understand. And a kind of hate to which I am personally associated is hate towards sexuality other than heterosexuality. In this post, I am going to talk about the hate for alternate sexuality.

Let me give you some of the points that are usually given which a hater says to non straight people and also my reasons why I do not understand:

1) God hates fags.

Reason: I do not care about your God. I do not follow your God and if I do not follow your God then stop preaching me what your God hates. If the one true God actually hates me then it is between me and him. You are merely a human being. Why do you want to spend your time on preaching me or even better, why do you want to spend your time thinking about what God thinks about me? You do everything he commands and he loves you, BE HAPPY. If God commanded you to warn me then great, you did your part now let me be as I am and stop poking in my life. #THANKYOUVERYMUCH

2) HIV is God’s punishment to homosexuals:

Reason: Consider this a straight virgin woman marries a guy who had HIV. Woman did not know about the man’s HIV state. They had sex and the woman gets HIV +. Now the woman who was all innocent and pure, so as to say, is being punished for what? Being homosexual? Even though she is not? And please do not tell me that the chances of it are nill. Even you know that it is medically possible.

3) They will destroy our married lives:

Reason: Are they going to force you to divorce your partner and marry someone of same sex? Trust me, we do want to do that. We have straight friends who have their partners with them and we love them together.

4) They will make others gay:

Reason: My reaction to this is “Wait. WHAT?” We are talking about sexuality and NOT the electric charge which can be induced to others just by touching them or passing them by. Straight people couldn’t make me straight. Sexuality is not some communicable disease that gets transferred from one person to another otherwise everyone in my college, family and office would have been gay.

5) They are mentally sick:

Reason: Do you have a scientific proof? If you do, please forward the report given by that person to WHO because they still have not the proof of it. And I’d personally wish that the person gets a Noble Prize for he/she has brought a final end to the never ending conflict between two kinds of human beings.

6) Gays suck dicks:

Reason: Have you ever got a blowjob? Its AMAZING. If you would have gotten it, you wouldn’t have said it. And if you have gotten blowjobs before and yet you say that, then why do you care if they suck dicks?

7) Human bodies are not made to fit that way:

Reason: Do you know what a G-Spot is? Do you know men also have a G-Spot? Do you know it is inside the ass? If you do not know, GOOGLE it.

8) It is not natural:

Reason: You live in an unnatural world. Your houses are human made. Your offices are human made. Your automobiles are human made. Your clothes are human made. The filling in your teeth are human made. The brush you use are human made. You know what is the meaning of natural? It means “existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind.” If you so hate unnatural things, get rid of the human made things first.

9) Homosexuals cannot produce babies:

Reason: Do you think I am here to know if I can produce babies or not? The world is already over populated. Why there is a NEED to produce babies to qualify to live with each other?

10) Gays do not need to marry:

Reason: What will happen if they marry? Why cannot they wish to be legally recognized as a couple?

11) Gays will adopt babies if they have marriage rights:

Reason: I have one word to say, “SO?”

12) They will raise gay children:

Reason: Right. My parents were straight and yet I am gay. Guess what? Striahgt couples cannot be sure that they will not raise a gay child. How can YOU be so sure that gay parents cannot raise straight children?

13) They are sinners:

Reason: I will look after my sins and you look after yours. My sins are to be discussed between me and my God and not between you and million others in the society.

14) It is against our culture (Specially for Hindus in India):

Reason: Do not talk about our culture if you do not know it. You are the one still living in the British Indian Rule. I have said enough. You can now go study about our culture.

15) They promote pedophilia:

Reason: In India, we come across several NEWS where a young girl gets raped and killed and all. And most of the rapists are men. I do not know which gay person did they come across to become a pedophile.

16) They will promote bestiality:

Reason: The fight is to let the two CONSENTING adults to have the right to decide with whom they want to spend their lives or simply want to have sex. And as much as I know, humans do not speak animals so they cannot get the consent of the animals anyhow. So the point about bestiality ends right there. Sounds logical?

17) Society will never accept you:

Reason: Forget about the society. You speak for yourself. What is your reason of not accepting us? If after all of this, you do not have any other point then why can YOU not accept us? You think about yourself. If you can accept, then society can also accept. One person is enough to start a change and it will gradually change.

18) A man tried to rape me (and I am a man):

Reason: You have my empathy and I totally feel that the person who did that to you should be sentenced to death. But should it be enough for you to hate the whole community? A woman who got raped by a man, should she start hating all heterosexual men and spread hatred against them? I understand that as a person who has suffered such mental trauma can be an extreme anti community but think peacefully, is it justified? Are all men the same? Does every straight man rapes the woman? Think about it.

These are some of the points I commonly hear and these are some of the reasons I can never understand why hate us? If you think logically, nothing is going to change by accepting us other than that you added smiles to someone’s life and stopped being an unaware trouble for someone.

1 thought on “What I can never understand…

  1. Hate does not have or need any logical, reasonable basis. It’s a impulsive reaction to anything that challenges ones idea of normalcy or superiority. The more primitive a person, the more desperately they will cling on to hate that make them feel righteous and superior.

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