Happy birthday my love, my bestie…

My dear self obssessed b*tch, aka Sahil!

Your birthday is coming up and I do not know what can I give you that will last forever. So here is my letter to you which I am posting publicly for everyone to know that people like you exist and they should know how lucky I am to have someone like you in my life.

I want to take the time out and recall all the memories that I have shared with you. I remeber seeing you in our class the first time I entered into the classroom and I was like :O “THIS GUY IS CUTEST. Now I can spend my three years with no prroblems at all. I wish he becomes my friend and wish we could be so close that people confuse us for a couple.” πŸ˜› Well yeah, that was what I wished for. πŸ˜› LOL.

I remember that you are the first straight boy friend in my life to whom I came out. I remeber I used to draw that sexuality symbol on my wrist and you saw that one day which led us to discuss about sexuality and its spectrum. That was the time I realized that I can confine my identity in you with no fear of being judged. Even though I was not ready to come out.

I remember I used to tell everyone that I have a girlfriend. Then came a time when I started to have problems in my family and I used to be upset most of the times in the college. I was standing outside the class on the first floor. You came up to me and asked me what is the matter. I told you that if you remember that I have a girlfriend and you said yes. Then I told you that I actually have a boyfriend and not a girlfriend and now my family knows about it. After which you said, “I am with you. I know that it cannot be changed. I know that you are not doing anything wrong. Don’t give up on who you are and I will always stand by you.” This was the first time when I officially came out to someone and that person showed such confidence in me. I felt that I have my strength now and now you have become my strength.

That was the day when I found my best ever friend.

Street Play

You and your team included the section of homosexuality in your street play and you asked me to come someday and watch your play. You sat me down and told me that you have seen me vulnerable and that is why you want me to see it once. You somehow got the role of the gay guy in the play and whenever you perform it, you feel me going through it. However you will never want to see me the way the character in the play ends up. I had the chance to see it twice and both the times I cried. No one but you will notice that. That was one reason why you told me that you couldn’t look towards me while performing the act. I remember the second time when the play happened, every member of the team had got to know about me and when I saw them performing, I saw them having that rage, sadness and pain in their eyes. This act, this very act will be with me forever and so will you, in my heart.

There was a special moment where I had committed some mistake and you kept on poking me about it. I got pissed off and went out of the college. You came running after me. All our friends knew that you will bring me back. You stopped me and tried to convince me by getting angry. You took my bag from me. But I was too pissed off to listen. You said sorry and I melted right away. I came back with you.

You love to tease me and fight with me and I know its because you love me and you know that you have the right to do that. On your previous birthday, I had tried to give you a special gift. I tried light painting for you for the first time. This time my blog post is one of my gift.

You are my best friend but when it comes to money, you are like a typical Indian girlfriend to me. I feel like buying something for you but if you get to know about it, you will fight with me. You will never let me buy anything for you unless you find it alright or if I am spending on food.

Another fact about you, you LOVE to get clicked. You will pose for the camera and want it to look natural. Here is one of the pics I clicked and I mostly LOVE your pictures. Mainly becaue its you and you are as ever cute idiot.Talwar

Whenever I look at you, my days get brightened. You are like the sunshine to my life. Whenever I have you around, I know that I do not need to fear because I know that you will always be with me. Your smile is so beautiful that it can light up my hundred lives. Your eyes are mischievous but I find the warmth and love for me in them.

To be honest, I wish that I had you in my life but then I feel happy to see that you love such a sweet girl and that your girl loves you back. May you two be blessed with lots of happiness and lots of love. And I know for sure that in future, you will be an amazing father. I so wish that your kids could be a part of my life too.

I have known you for more than two years now but it feels like that I have known you for past many lives. I will always love you. And I know that you will always love me as well. Whether we are around each other or not but we will always be with each other…


May your life be blessed and your twentieth birthday (24th September 2014) be full of fun and happiness.

With Love,

Divya Roop.

P.S. I am sorry for the bad quality pics as my Hard Drive has stopped working and I had to download it from my previous FB profile.

P.P.S. I had to write it all in bits and pieces everyday because I come back home after midnight and I am usually sleepy.

P.P.P.S. You dare stop loving me ever or go away from me.

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