You shameless western people!

“So as per the latest update, some of the shameless beings of our society are promoting public display of love and doing obscene things like kissing in public keeping our cultural values at stake. These people do not have any shame. They should rather go pee on the roadsides because that is much better than kissing in public. Of course, even for that, you must be a man. If you are a girl or a woman, you are wrong at every point anyway because hellooooooo… YOU ARE A WOMAN OKAYYYY????

What is this #KissOfLove nonsense? Bringing west to our culture. Such people I tell you. These people are shameless and have no self respect. They just want to adopt western culture. These people should leave India and go to USA. They are the slaves of such bad cultures.

Our Indian culture is soooo much better. If a guy will attend such protests, we will ask him to send his sisters and mothers to us. And if a girl attends such protest, it simply means that she is welcoming the rapists. Why should we even try to understand what was the aim of the protest? WHO CARES?

We can never change ourselves. If two people are kissing in public, it is obscene. However, it does not matter if we see actors and actresses kissing on screen in public theaters. And of course, if two people kiss in public, that means they are asking to let them have sex in public. Because every protest has a hidden meaning. Like gays asking for legalizing homosexuality are actually secretly asking to legalize pedophilia and animal rights organizations are secretly trying to promote bestiality and feminism has a secret motive of world dominance. You see, every movement has a secret meaning because nothing can be exactly what it says it is. And if it actually is, it is non acceptable. We know the “secret intentions”.

We, in our culture will prefer to see people getting killed in the name of honor. We, in our culture will prefer to see women being ill treated or inferior to men. We, in our culture will prefer the homosexuals to be dead. We, in our culture cannot see two people expressing love.

If a girl is going in the protest and kisses people around as a symbolic gesture, she is clearly attracting the rapists and she is sure to get raped. And why should we think that she has some dignity? She is kissing people in public. That is so immoral. Do whatever you want to but do it in your home. I know that it was a protest and you must have done it in the privacy earlier but your outrage against the violence does not qualify you to express your outrage by trying to show that there is nothing obscene in kissing someone in public.

Why did you take the old wise man seriously who had once said, “Hate can be defeated only by love”? That man was an idiot. Today, if you want to protest against the violence, you have to use the violence. Your candle light vigils are anyhow waste because people forget about the cause before the flame breathes its last breath. If you want to make an impact, you should always use violence, even if it is against the violence.

An if you kiss in public, you are equivalent to the animals having sex in public. And of course we are more comfortable in watching men peeing in public because we have been brought up watching it day in and day out and we cannot accept two people kissing in public because we have never seen it happening in public ever and hence we will never accept it, no matter how beautiful the love between the two could be. If they do it, we will beat them up.

If a pregnant woman is talking on her phone with her husband at night, waiting for him, we will beat her. We do not care if she is pregnant. She could be a prostitute who is telling lies. Even though she is carrying a baby, we will beat her and even her husband. We will vandalize the public places if two people are found kissing in public places. We will kill the boys and girls who bring dishonor to our families by loving someone.

We will rape our own daughters and then kill her if she dares to love some guy and bring dishonor to the family and we will never regret it. This is our culture. Treat women bad, kill people who love, vandalize places if two people do not fit into our culture, call other’s culture bad, treat ourselves superior, men have all the power, men will control, rape women who kisses a guy, abuse each other in the name of mother and sisters, disrespect the women of the families who support Kiss of Love, curse the families of those kids, ask them to leave the country because it is our country and we decide who deserves to live in our country.


This was my whole experience of observing people’s reaction over Kiss of Love and to be very honest, I would like to live in peace however with such people around, peace is far reached. No one is ready to know the reason of the protest, no one wants to know the symbolization of public kissing, however, everyone is ready to pass a judgement. Disgusted with the humankind.

My prayers are to those who suffered due to the moral policing and may all those souls RIP who had lost their lives. And I also pray to Thee to teach humankind about compassion and love, and I wish that the world of violence ends and the reign of love overpowers.

To Love.

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