Pepper, street, panorama…

Life is strange. Living a life is like walking down the street without knowing what lies near the next turn. Yet we keep walking, willingly or unwillingly.

We often complain for what we do not have. The ones who don’t complain, are the ones who have learnt many things in their lives, the most important being you can expect the unexpected in your life.

We start off as an innocent child who has to learn the world’s way to live on. The more we learn, the more we find how ignorant we are.

Life brings us to a point where we start craving for a companion, someone who will be there for us in the good and the bad times. Soon the moment comes where we find ourselves walking hand in hand with someone we adore. It feels like we have found THE ONE.

However, as I said, life is to expect the unexpected. Soon the days come when your bubble of dream world bursts and you are brought back to the reality. Life starts to draw us back to the path where we have to walk alone. A few lucky ones may not have to see this but most of us find us alone once again.

When that hand which held you for so long leaves you, it feels like that the love has peppered you. Your heart aches, your soul weeps. You try to hold on to that hand but destiny plays its part.

The truth is it’s all part of our lives. We laugh, we cry, we love, we live. In the end we all are trying to understand the panorama of life and to understand that, whatever you feel is only to help you understand what life is all about.

We all will have our own views, our own experiences, our own fights, our own struggles our own joys. Live because that’s what we are here for. Don’t stop yourself if you want to see the panorama of life and you’ll have a peaceful separation from life with the wisdom that you’ll gain with your experience.

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