National Word: Ban

Welcome to India!

We have the best culture in the world. If there is anything “against our culture”, we are going to ban those things. We have banned several things already that too in a few days.

We banned beef in our country because killing cows is against our religion and our country is not secular. We banned the word Bombay from a movie because Bombay is obscene and offensive.

We banned BBC documentary about the rape case because it shows the reality of people’s mentality in our country and we want to suppress the truth. People should not know the truth. It will create bad name for India instead of showing the truth.

We already banned homosexuality as we are being governed by religions, even though we call ourselves secular, and it hurts religious leaders, doesn’t matter if the growing generation find it OK or even if the science finds it OK to be gay.

We are not democrats. We call ourselves the world’s biggest democracy but in reality we are nothing more than monarchs. We are being ruled not by the idea that our country is a home for all religions, beliefs, cultures, but by the idea of three religious groups, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.

We encourage science only if it supports the religions. We have acceptance only for what religious leaders will say yes to. We have our financial infrastructure based on what millionaires decide.

If you point out the bad in our country, we ban you from our country. We will ban movies that will have sexual scenes. Next, we will ban movies in India if that will have kissing scene either.

We will control what people think, talk, watch, eat and what they are. Here people are allowed to be what we want them to be and all others will get banned.

We are Indians, rich of culture, full of intolerance and hatred. We will make this country a land of moral people who believe in OUR morals. The ones who thought that their rights to have freedom of speech, freedom of religious expression, right to privacy or anything are mistaken. Those are just written documents. We rule the way we want to and if you fail to comply with our idea of freedom, you get banned.

We are the land of rich culture and bans. Welcome to India. We are land of khaps and Indianized version of Taliban.

Next thing I believe is going to happen is, I’m going to jail, because our government is anyway keeping check on everyone’s online profiles. When CBI can come to my friend’s doorstep to check about what kind of event is he holding, which was actually a protest for environmental conservation, I am sure this is going to land me in jail without second thought.

If you are reading this, please share this if you are agitated by these bans.

Thank you.

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