Timeless Love

“Sometimes I feel I will never reach my dream.”, James broke the silence of the night, sitting in the balcony, looking at the night sky.

“What nonsense!”, Derek backfired at him. “You will make your way. I believe in you.”

“What makes you believe in me? I have always seen failure. My family wants me to change when I know I can’t. I am a disappointment and a shame to their name. I wanted to be something and look at what am I doing. I wanted to travel around the world, capture the beauty of the lives, beauty of the nature. And right now, I am working in this corporate world, trying to make money, survive in this world ruled by money. This is so not me.”

Derek was silent, looking towards the sky. He asked James, “Look at the sky. What do you see?”

James replied, “I see darkness.”

Derek asked him, “Now look into your soul and tell me what do you see?”

James lowered his eyes for he thought his answer will make Derek sad. After few moments of silence, realizing James question is still unanswered, he said, “I see darkness within.”

Derek smiled calmly and said, “That’s because your soul is as infinite as the sky. Infinite emptiness, yet filled with infinite possibilities.”

James had tears in his eyes. He wondered how Derek can twist the hollowness and make it look beautiful. He had found no reason to feel good about himself yet he felt good.

Derek wiped his tear that rolled down through his eyes and said, “Just because I am gone doesn’t mean everything is over. Even the darkest of the sky has stars that you may not see. If one star dies, it creates a blackhole but that darkness belongs to me now. You are a sky James. I live in you and hence I know you will find a way. The sky that appears dark at night, becomes bright in the morning. But in both the situations, it’s beauty will never die. Your soul maybe filled with darkness right now but I know there will be a dawn.”

Derek leaned on to kiss James. James closed his eyes to feel his lips kissing his love goodbye. But when he couldn’t feel anything, he opened up his eyes just to see the picture of the two in the frame which Derek had bought during the last holiday trip. The picture was taken during that same trip.

Derek was long gone and James would often sit in that balcony to feel Derek around so that he can talk to him.

The fate may have separated them but Derek was good at keeping promises. He would always be there with James from life till death…

5 thoughts on “Timeless Love

  1. Your soul is as infinite as the sky…
    The imagery with this sentence is strong! Such beautiful prosaic writing, this is.
    For some reason it reminded me of Ari and Dante discover the secrets of the universe!

  2. I loved it… Without the darkness you will never know the light… Remember Stars always shines bright on the darkest of days…

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