Corrective rape


All hail to India and other countries who can even THINK to come up with this term: “CORRECTIVE RAPE”.

This is the most outrageous… No, wait. Outrageous is not even the word. Anyway, whatever it is, but it is the most disgusting thing I can come across in my entire life (even though I’m pretty sure life or maybe my country will surprise me once again).

I can’t even begin to describe how ridiculous that sounds. Having sex with someone forcefully to CORRECT them… Seriously? Who are you kidding? Yourself?

If rapes can correct someone then I guess Nirbhaya died because “she did not correct herself” and her death should have taught all the women to not go and watch a movie with a guy late night?

The five year old girl who was raped should have corrected that child and taught her to NOT be a child and not have a vagina?

I guess the women who get raped for “what they wear” should have corrected themselves and it should have taught them not to not wear clothes that they like?

If you can tell that rape can be corrective, then I guess all the rapists should start telling that it was a corrective measure for the victim?

All the BOYS who get raped daily in India and around the world should correct themselves? And rapists have nothing to correct in themselves?

Rape or even a small sexual abuse is the most hideous thing that a person can go through. It can leave a scar forever in the person’s life. Rape is not just a sexual humiliation but a physical, mental, emotional and psychological torture that haunts a person forever.

I had a friend who used to cross dress for the parties. We have partied several times together. Even though, that person was a guy, yet I would address the person as she for she always wanted people to believe that she is a girl. (I am using past tense here for I haven’t been in touch with her for a long time now.)

Once we were returning from a party when three of her “straight” friends picked us up for after party. She took me along because she trusted me for her safety, just in case something unwanted happens.

And it happened, those guys, in the name of game tried to get her undressed. When she resisted, they tried to force her to do that.

Since she had trusted me with her dignity, I had to make sure she goes back home safely, without getting “VIOLATED” or “RAPED”.

Those guys knew I am gay, so one of the guys wanted either me or her. I decided to let him have me so that he can ask others to let her be and they can let us go.

I took him to a corner and GAVE HIM A BLOWJOB, a sexual act I personally would never have done with such a person, given in any such circumstance where I didn’t have to care for a friend’s dignity. However, I did it.

After that they decided to let us go, thankfully. However, as I mentioned, any such thing scars you for lifetime. That friend of mine cried the whole night and kept on saying, what it would have been if I would have been a real woman? If I would have been a real woman, would I have had some respect or whether I would have been raped by now if you wouldn’t have been with me?

Even at night, in a dark auto rickshaw, I could see the horror in her eyes and the fear. She was shivering. Have you ever held a person who had been molested as they cry? Trust me, you will start hating such people even if it is in a joke.

Rape or any kind of sexual abuse is NEVER corrective. It’s only destructive and demeaning. I and all of us want to have sex with someone we want to as an adult and not be told our forced to have sex with someone we do not want.

A rape mostly leads to a person’s death, either emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually or in all ways.

Worse will be when those people will end up preaching the same rape culture to upcoming generations.

WHY is it such a big deal that you can let someone RAPE a person but cannot accept them for who they are? What all extremes do we have to go through JUST because we loved someone who is not you or who is not approved by you? WHAT is the cost of my love? A torment, a torture, a scar for lifetime?

For the first time, I will say, Russia or such country, where we are allowed to be killed is still a better country. You may call it a “corrective rape” but it my eyes, it is more tormenting and haunting than death.

Disown them, leave them on their own but please do not scar a person for the lifetime like this. Please. Please do not promote rape culture.

8 thoughts on “Corrective rape

  1. rape is arguably worse than murder as it kills half a person but forces them to live as that half for the rest of their days. You’ve made me angry! I completely agree with you – how can anyone even think of this idea let alone believe it to be a good one?

    1. I believe we all have to gather this anger and fight back all of those disgusting creatures who even dare to consider themselves as humans and yet come up with such ridiculous ideas.

      1. I know, and it’s the same with so many things. People are angry, but the problems seem so big that to fight is scarier than to put up with it in quiet.

  2. You’re a true inspiration to all the homosexuals out there who are afraid to even disclose their identity, let alone their sentiments on such issues. So proud that such a guy hails from my country (:

    1. Thank you so much. Not just for the kind words but also to join your voice with us. In this battle, not just the legal aspect but the support from the people equally matters. Thank you once again 🙂

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