I Do NOT Hate India

So lately I have been posting many things that I find ridiculous in India and now people search for “Gay who hates India” and find my blog. I mean seriously? Let me clarify it.

I do NOT hate India.

I post about things that I dislike and I use the instances of India because I live in this country. It does not mean that if that is  happening in other country, I won’t say anything about them.
I believe that if I cannot keep my house clean, I do not have any right to tell other people that their house is dirty. Similarly, I talk about things that I do not like in India because I believe in cleaning my home first. I am trying to clean my house doesn’t mean I hate my house. It means I love my house and the reason why I am disappointed from few things in my country is just because I love my country a lot and I care for it.

I have several reasons to love this country and fall in love with it all over again. Here are my reasons:

1) I have lived in various parts of my country and one thing that I am always attracted to is new culture. Every place is so different and yet so similar. It is just beautiful how so many cultures exist together on this land. You learn so many things. From a headless monster stories to a hanging rock at the edge of the hill having Godly story, all of them are so interesting. It keeps the child in you alive. It keeps you eager and hungry for knowledge.

2) This is the country where I got so many amazing people in my life who never fail to make me feel loved and bring smile to me.

3) This country has so many weathers, some irritating and some just mesmerizing. And if you are a nature lover, you will always appreciate the fact how the weather is so dramatic in this country. I have survived the scorching heat by sitting under the green trees. I have looked up at the sky in the middle of the ground with my arms open and feel the snow flakes settling on my face. I have danced in the puddle during rain. I have walked through the roads where golden leaves fall from the trees and makes you feel like they are welcoming you.

4) This country has almost all kinds of terrains. I have slipped while crossing a waterfall in the mountains. I have fallen into a small river while jumping over the rocks. I have climbed the trees to steal the fruits. I have walked several miles through roads in the plains. I have spent so many beautiful moments in the beautiful parks of the cities. I have spent the nights by the sea side, watching the sun rise. I have witnessed the sweaty days and chilly nights of dessert plains. I have seen abundance of forest and trees. All of it is just so beautiful.

5) This country has amazing architectural marvels from history where you will never wish to miss taking pictures. Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Akshardham temple in Delhi, Scandal point in Simla, Buddhist temples of Dharamshala, Bodh Gaya, Sanchi Stupa, Hazrat Nizamuddin, Piya Haji Ali, Sun temple, Khajuraho, Ajanta and Elora, Meenakshi temples, Jal Mahal, and so many places just to fall in love with.

6) Here exist so many cultures, communities, races, religions. Here you will find people from all walks of life. Our culture is so much liberal from so many countries.

7) So many great people have made us feel proud for so many reasons. India has shown the world several times how worthy it’s people are.

8) India has so many art forms and all of it are so mesmerizing. And with globalization, India has not just adopted the global art forms but has also made some very amazing fusion of the two art forms showing the true meaning of globalization.

I think I am just going on and on about clarifying my stance now. So I’ll just give it a rest here. In the end, I just want to conclude that, yes I do have problems with some laws and a set of people on India but that doesn’t mean I hate India. India is much… MUCH more than those laws and this people.

1 thought on “I Do NOT Hate India

  1. Okay..you have inspired me so very much today. I had just been in an argument with my mother who like every other parent thinks that their children can’t change anything in India. I saw a link to your post on a friend’s website and I have been reading each and every post of yours from two hours I guess. Obviously, we don’t hate India. Maybe we love our country more than others who seem to be ignorant about its future and reputation. And why are we even comparing homosexuality with criminal activities like rape, molestation and domestic violence. It is a way of life. It is a choice. Our country and the “law makers” are just afraid to take responsibility for everything so they just ban everything they can’t understand. So glad to see people like you in India who actually do give a shit for what is right.

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