This guy had been my Facebook friend for three years and I met him for the first time few days ago. We used to chat once in a while yet we knew that we are friends.

Recently he moved in to Mumbai, gave a interview and got selected in one of the reputed cosmetic companies. But that’s not the only reason I feel happy.

Spending time with him makes even the sadness, a beautiful moment. The life feels like worth fighting for. It’s always great to have a friend with whom you can talk and share your stories.

There are many amazing people around me who will take time out to give the comfort when I am broken. However, having a person, a friend with you, is different.

We often sit together at night and talk about our experiences, our lessons and understand how beautiful the life is and how beautiful it is going to be. There is no limit to the life’s beauty as long as you accept the bad as easily as you expect the good.

As we both say, you haven’t lived if you haven’t been broken by the life’s pressure. It’s only the moment when you are broken down so bad that you just want to give up, it’s then when you can actually realize how much pressure you can take. And once you get back to life, you will be stronger person, more beautiful person.

Live, love and fight for who you are, who you want to be. As Katy Perry says, baby you’re a firework. Love to all you beautiful people.

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