Love Thyself

Despite the fact that I have received many messages from people around the world that they support and respect my life, I come across many people who want to preach me about what I should be.

Forget about the people outside the community but also from the people within the community. This is not to seek acceptance from any mortal but to tell those people that you do not tell people what they should be.

I think people who come with the mindset that “homosexuality is OK but you should not dress up like a girl” are bigger hypocrites than anyone else. You say acceptance is needed but only for one lot. Rest should mend their ways.

You people sound like “what you like about others is fine but what you like about yourself is not”. Seriously? When my love for someone else is acceptable then why my love for myself is not?

People tell me, “You know that people within the community don’t like people like you.” My question to you is, “Do I look like I am waiting for you too accept me?” You cannot accept me the way I am, doesn’t mean that I am going to change myself.

Just so you know, there are plenty of people who love me without any prejudices. My two straight best friends forever, viz Ameekar Gaur and Sahil Talwar, they love me so much that even the word love feels so small.

Another bff, Deepjyoti Chetia, has always took my side. He will always find time every now and then to tell me that he loves me unconditionally.

All my college friends, Archie, Nishikar, Saif, Mohit, Deeksha, Vanya, Bhrampreet, Simran, Akanksha, Aayushi, Jayant, Karan, Pranav, Manish, Pratyasha, Diksha, Akansha, Shivani, Preena, Garima, Unnati, Komal, and many more, have given me so much love that you people cannot and hence you people do not deserve to tell me how I should live my life.

All the people I have named here will never be ashamed to be associated with me. They proudly say that I am their friend. They do not belong to the LGBTQIA community and they are not remotely close to the community, yet they loved me without any judgements.

It’s high time that you better check yourself. You people cry for equality and yet discriminate against your own community. No, I am not talking about the homophobic people outside the community. I am talking about the hypocrites within.

Once someone had told me, “Toshu learn to love yourself.” (P.S. Toshu is my nick name.) Today, I am passing on this wisdom to all of you. “Love thyself”. If you won’t then why should someone else?

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