No CDs or TGs allowed.

Hello people. Please don’t read CDs here are compact discs. Here, CDs mean cross dressers and TGs, as you might know, mean transgenders.

Did I mention about homophobia within the community in my previous post? This is another form of discrimination within the community I am going to address today.

There are many party organisers, in big cities and small, who organize parties for the people of the community where they can party as who they are. They can dance with the person they want to, buy them drinks or bring their dates without the fear of being judged and discriminated. However, they come up with some rules in order to comply with club rules.

Out of all the rules, there is one in specific which I hate the most. That is, “No CDs and TGs allowed.” I’ll first address the TG part here.

Transgenders are a part of community. If you are organizing a party for the community, then why transgenders are not allowed? Do they not have the right to party with us? What do you understand by transgenders? Will you stop a transsexual and intersex people too from attending the party? And what about androgynous people?

I think you should stop calling yourself community party organisers because

1) You do not even know about the people of the community.

2) You are discriminating your own community.

Now that we have taken out the tag of community from your party, let’s say now, your just gay parties. So why do you guys allow lesbians and bisexuals? Is it because lesbians are gay women and bisexuals are partly gay? Then who are cross dressers? Aliens?

Let me tell you, cross dressers are also gays. They are NOT a separate community like trans community. Will you discriminate a straight person coming to your party? I will be surprised if your answer would be yes. You will not discriminate people who are not of the community (no offence to our allies) yet you will discriminate the ones who belong to the community. Don’t you think it’s more hypocritical than homophobes?

You people are like those morons who, instead of putting up I like macho men, will put up no sissies and pansies and didis and aunties etc, on their Grindr and such profiles. The only difference is that it’s their personal sexual choice and yours is public discrimination.

I know you people won’t change and neither do I intend to change your brains. Nor do I want to stop the ones who enjoy the parties from attending. However, the only reason I am writing this is to let you know that you people are biggest bunch of hypocrites.

2 thoughts on “No CDs or TGs allowed.

  1. I identify as trans* and inter*. They are both interrelated. Asexuality also makes me a party-pooper. But at 72 years of age, who and what I am doesn’t fit right in boxes, anyway.

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