Not Interested

When people come to know that I am homosexual, their question is, “Do you have a boyfriend?” And my answer is, “No, I’m not interested”. The next question follows is, “How are you gay then if you aren’t dating any guy? Or if you aren’t interested?”

So I have to tell you people something. I have closed my doors. I cannot, rather do not want to allow anyone to be my life partner. It’s my life and I do not want a partner for my life.

I am happy being single. My happiness lies in small things, like talking to my friends, walking along the beach, buying heels, flirting with the hot guy in my office who flirts back with me, my friends running their hands through my hair, people giving me chocolates, sweets, pets, nice clothes, being crazy with the people I love, talking about poop with my bff, sit with my girls and playing dibs over every next hot guy walking into the mall, seeing the people around me happy and people writing their new stories everyday, photography, traveling, and many more things.

Being gay means that I am a guy who likes male genitals. It does not mean that I have to date a guy to prove that I am gay.

To be very honest, I don’t see any point in loving one person. I just cannot. I will love many people and I will love them equally but not to marry them and add them to my list of things I have to commit myself to. I have enough on my list of things to which I have to commit myself, from my career to my happiness, to well-being of my people and what not.

I just cannot take one more commitment in my life for which I will have to compromise on my other commitments. And let’s face it, you have to compromise on one thing or more for that one extra commitment. No I do not want that commitment in my life.

You can be committed if that gives you happiness however, me and relationships are two opposite poles, never to meet and if they do, everything collides and things become depressing.

Next time when you find a single person, don’t ask then why aren’t you dating anyone. It’s highly possible that they are enjoying their lives without any burden or baggage of the other person.

Let us do whatever we want to do with our lives. Just because you cannot imagine your life without a partner in your life doesn’t mean everyone needs a partner. Not necessarily.

So just stop being homosexual version of heteronormative society and understand that not everyone wants the prince Charming or princess Aurora. And yes, please, I repeat, please stop telling me that one day I will realize when I’ll be old and alone, because that’s my business and I’m pretty sure I will take care of my matters.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Not Interested

  1. That looks like one angry post but a well written one too. I agree, being committed can make some happy, but happiness need not always come from being committed.

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