Friendship’s day

Here is why this day is important for me and I want to use this moment to thank you all, each and everyone of you to be such precious part of my life.

Here I’m gonna thank a few special people separately for the reason, they deserve special mention.2

1) Sahil Talwar: You have been the first person whom I told about me and you just accepted me. You stood by my side all the time when I was struggling for the acceptance in my family. You became my family in just one moment.

2) Ameekar Gaur: You never fail to cheer me up. You know me in and out. You cannot see a tear in my eyes. You will do all the crazy things just to make sure that I laugh.

3) Archie: Dude you’re my girl. You taught me to be strong to fight back. No matter how scared you are, but don’t give up. People may understand you or they may misunderstand you, but you don’t stop being true to yourself.

4) Pratyasha: You may not be with us anymore but we have shared amazing times together, discussing about life and love and what not. And you used to complain about how I broke your heart by being gay but anyway you would love me.

5) Suman Pal: You have held me up in almost every lows. You have been my guide and my compass (?) who will help me find my direction back to lifer are when I’m almost about to give up.

6) Mayalakshmi: You have been a spiritual fellow tantric. You worry so much about me like a mother. You have never failed to pray for me through my bad times. You are like a child from your soul yet compassionate and protective mother from your heart.

7) Kanishka Chaudhary: When I shifted to Bombay, you helped me out for so long. You helped me step closer to my dream. I will sit at your couch and put on makeup and you will always, always, admire that. We have shared our highs and lows together, holding each other up as much as we could.

8) Sagar Mehrotra: You have been my brother. There was a time when we never fail to go to parties together. We have pranked with guys so much. So many guys have been trolled by you and me.

9) Aayushi: The first time we met after you got to know about me, you came running and hugged me. You are always ready to fight if anyone says anything against our community, even if that is your family.

10) Aiyush: People have failed to understand you most of the times however you have been the sweetest boy in my life. We can sit and bitch or even discuss life. The times spent together at your home has been amazing and will stay with us forever.

11) Amit Sharma: You, my motu, have been there for me. When I left home, you came to pick me up. When I had nothing with me, you gave me whatever I needed. You have taken care of me when I was all alone.

12) Priyansh: You are my blonde love, my pseudo hubby. I remember how much of craziness we have done together. Unfortunately, it’s all gone but the memories are all fresh. The night outs at my house, hauz khas visits, your drama. You are one blonde whom I love.

13) Sushant: We met in a party, you adopted me and now I cannot call you anything but momma. You are not just a beautiful person but a humble and funny human being, which is why, everyone loves you.

14) Jason: We are not just roommates. You have helped me out so many times. You are like, as you say, brother from another mother. And one day, we will make the best of our lives. As you say, we live A grade life on B grade income. That’s how we roll.

That’s it. These are few people who needed to be mentioned specially.

For rest of all my friends, thank you so much for all your love and support. You people are my friends, so you people are certainly the best people. Happy friendship day to all of you.


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