Will you?

There are so many questions I have for you. But will you answer them all? I need so many answers. But will you find the time?

I am living a battle.
Will you fight with me till the end?
I am frightened to move further.
Will you hold me and defend?

I am living in the dark.
Will you find me the light?
I’m dying everyday.
Will you find me life?

I’m fighting my demons.
Will you be my cover?
I’m crying everyday.
Will you be my lover?

I have forgotten how to love.
Will you teach me once again?
I have always given tears.
Will you promise there’ll be no pain?

I have lost several times.
Will you promise that we won’t fail?
If there is a future,
Will you promise there will be a tale?

I’m bipolar, I’m psycho, I’m bitch.
Will you make sure that I change?
I’m queer, I’m stupid, I’m whore.
Will you promise, that my identity won’t be strange?

You promise me today
Because my tears melt your heart.
Will you promise me the same
After I’ve shot all my darts?

These questions forever bother me
And you know, the answers aren’t with you.
But the main question of my life has to be, “will you?”


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