Six months and six days

I have completed six months and six days today (13-08-15) in Bombay. I just cannot believe that I have lived for so long, away from my family, on my own. It was one hell of a journey till now and I see a life ahead of me. I have come so far and still so far to go.

I remember when I came for the first time here for the Bombay pride and decided to give an interview. I remember my last day in Delhi which happened to be my birthday. I celebrated my birthday at various places throughout the day.

I went to college where my college friends had planned a beautiful surprise for me with a yummy dark chocolate cake and a huge card with everyone’s farewell messages. Then had beautiful rainbow pastry and chocolate pastry with my trainer and beautiful friend Farah. After that I met my colleagues. Then I went to meet my dearest friend Suman who had made this amazing orange jelly with a kick of red chilies (?) And finally at night, to Boom box cafe to celebrate with the rest of the friends.

I travelled to so many places yet I couldn’t meet many people. And the best part, everyone gifted me JEWELERIES <3. No one cared about "jeweleries are for girls" sh*t because for everyone, be it straight or gay, what mattered was my happiness.

Next day, I took a flight to Bombay and as I reached here, I called Kanishka, an old friend and he accommodated me for so long. And on that day, my journey as a free bird started.

Learnt so many things in these six months. I broke a beautiful heart, I had been through depression, I have lived like crazy, I have been broke thinking what to eat, I have been to parties every weekend, I have been an inspirational blogger, I have been a mother, I have held people up when I was breaking down, from polyamorous to amorophobic, from craving for love to distancing from love, it's been a hell of a life.

It's equally thrilling as much as it is exciting to even think what this life has ahead for me. From a protected child to a homeless boy to a person paying his own rent, this "wanderer" is moving on because of all of you have been a great support throughout my journey.

Thank you all for being there for me.


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