Funny Thing About Life

Some give up, some survive. Some accept it as it is, some fight back. Some are just dragging it and some are living. But no one ever understood what is the purpose of life.

There are several notions and beliefs about what is the purpose of a humans life and funny thing is you may find many who disagree with each other. Humans have never came to one conclusion for this question.

We feel various kinds of emotions. We see several levels of difficulties in our lives. Two people having same problems in their lives may tackle it in completely different ways and no one explain it because it’s not maths.

Some people are blessed to have easier lives than others and yet everyone thinks that their problems are biggest. And I believe its completely fine to believe that.

We all are different yet we all have only one thing common and that’s an unpredictable life. No one can say for sure what lies next in their lives.

Sometimes some kinds of experiences turn a person extremely cruel while the same experiences turn another person extremely humble. Is it on the person how that person takes it or was that intended to be that way in that person’s life?

Is the purpose of a human life to help each other and make it a better place? But then if that is the purpose, should everyone follow it compulsorily? What will happen if everyone starts doing it? The world will become better place, let’s say. Then what? Purpose of human life has been achieved. Now give up your lives?

But we all know that won’t happen. People will still live. That means helping each other and making it a better place isn’t really the purpose. So what could it be? Find happiness and peace?

Let’s say we all find happiness and peace. Then what? Should human life cease to exist? You know the answer. So again, it’s not rally the purpose.

What else? Attain nirvana and moksha? That means end of every soul. But that again is not possible.

These all purposes can be one’s personal purpose of life not a common purpose of human life. Hence, no one can really tell what’s the purpose of human life. We are born to eat, excrete, do our things, deal with the problems, build a life or not, and then die in the end. And this keeps on going.

The funny thing about life is, we all are going to live as long as we can and we do not really need to know what really is the purpose of life. And the most funny is, we all think we know enough.

1 thought on “Funny Thing About Life

  1. Half way through the post I started to contemplate purpose of my life.. On reaching climax I realised Ignorance is bliss.
    Half the fun of living is not knowing and making mistakes , learning from them and then correcting them. Its like rehearsing for a play that’s never going to be played.

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