My views on fashion

So I usually post about social issues or stories but this time I’m gonna talk about something different. Let’s talk fashion. Many people have complimented me saying whatever you wear, suits you so well. You are a diva. Trust me when I say this, I know nothing about fashion to be honest.

I don’t watch F-TV. I don’t follow any designer. I am naive when it comes to judge who designed what, etc. But I still come across people who simply love the way I carry myself. Whatever I do, I get told that only I can pull it off so well or they haven’t met a person who can pull that look off so well.

Let me share my secret with you. I respect art and artists who make such arts. Attires, accessories, jewelries, all are a piece of art. I don’t pick up stuff thinking am I looking good in this because my idea of good maybe someone else’s idea of bad.

I pick up my stuffs thinking, whether I will do justice to the design or not. When I’m sure I am doing justice to it, I go for it without second thought.

The reason why I never bought three-fourth pants in my life (apart from one), is because my legs are skinny and such pants are to show your legs. The designer had thought of that design to look like a pant on a human and not on sticks. I won’t do justice to such pants.

When I go to buy jewelries, I come across many jewelries that are pretty but those jewelries are for tender and sophisticated bodies. I am loud. I am bold. Hence, I go for such jewelries.

When I bought my first pair of heels, I entered the shop like a dude looking for heels. Shopkeeper brought several pairs to fit my feet but then I found my first pair of love. I saw them and I knew they are for me. I tried them on and it made me feel like a completely different person. I felt confident.

There are many pretty crop tops in the market but I never buy them because those are not meant for me. It will make the clothes look valueless on me. And there are certain clothes which are meant for no one because the designer tried to put in effort half heatedly.

Don’t buy something just because you want to buy it but buy it if you can compliment the design and the design can compliment you.

Your body size, your skin color, your ethnicity, etc don’t make you beautiful or ugly. But what you wear and how you carry yourself makes you pretty or handsome. Beauty lies in ones soul but prettiness is in your looks. The people who say looks don’t matter, well let me correct you, looks do matter because by a person’s look you can tell how much they care about themselves. You can be xxxl size and be pretty as heaven’s angel and you can be big hunk but no where close to handsome.

It depends on how you look or present yourself. I’ll repeat looks have nothing to do with body type. Its mostly with your dressing sense. If looks really don’t matter, then why don’t you strip away all your clothes and walk naked? Do you know, in India, there’s no law against people walking naked?

Even the clothes picked up on the roadside have a history behind its design. Respect the person who brought that design into existence. See for yourself and ask yourself the question if I am made for this or not.

I’m not talking about people who do not have options but the ones who do, if you have to invest the money on your looks then do it the right way.

In the end, I’m not a fashion police. You are your best judge. If you have a second thought about a certain look, cross check with someone else or drop the idea.

There, that’s my idea of fashion. Your inputs are welcome.

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