Who let the uncle out?

Fair warning: If you are an idealist and do not want to read bad words, do not continue reading. I am outraged by the amount of misogyny I saw today in just five minutes.

I came across this post about Sunny Leone’s interview with Bhupender Chaubey and I will be honest with you, I just couldn’t take it for more than five minutes. Its disgusting what he was trying to do during the whole interview.

He starts the interview by asking so you have any regrets in your life. B**ch your question spoke louder than your mouth that you were LOOKING for her to say, “I regret that I chose porn industry”. But when she didn’t give you what you wanted, you went on for those whole five minutes CLEARLY TRYING to make her regret for her past.

When she still did not give up, you started using shoulders of others to open fire on her. Kapil Sharma does not want to shoot with you, parliament members believe you are corrupting our culture, Amir Khan won’t shoot with you.

We all do not like you Chaubey uncle, will you stop defending yourself and will you stop interviewing others? I bet you won’t. Sunny is getting films and money. She doesn’t have to be bothered about who wants to work with her and who doesn’t as long as the movie she has signed is promising and she gives her best in it.

Just because she has open views and a broad mind and she doesn’t fit into typical Indian category, you don’t get the right to pull her down in all ways possible. She isn’t controversial. She had hardly been in news for creating controversies. The only controversy when I remember hearing about her was when she came to Bollywood.

Chaubey ji YOU have created a controversy and well its not Sunny in that controversy but you are. Your way if interviewing her was disgusting and disrespectful. I haven’t seen her films either but not for the reasons like yours. I just don’t watch Bollywood movies.

The people who have issues with Sunny’s past should speak up for themselves. You better stay out of it. I didn’t see any of her films but I are least know what a wonderful human being she is. From all her interviews and media bites that I can’t across about her, she has only proved herself as a respectable human being, for which you Mr. Chaubey, will have to work really hard now.

You asked her how many people would like to work for porn industry? Here, I raise my hand. I do not mind working for the porn industry. I see nothing wrong in it. If I am OK with it, I don’t see any reason why anyone else should have problem with it. I want to work in the porn industry for the very same reason Sunny said. Those people are beautiful and sexy, which you can possibly never be.

Her body her rights. Her porn star image should not bother you or anyone out there for that matter. You want to interview her about her past, do that but don’t try to pull her down with such misogynistic questions. Its 21st century.

Sunny, you go girl. Your answers were beautiful and you have my respect and love for standing up against such questions. And after this interview, you know we all love you. No judgements, no questions asked. A beautiful heart and a beautiful soul is rare to find, and you are one of those rare beings. God bless you with all the success and happiness.

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