How did we end up here?

We were younger and crazy. I saw you with your friends. The first time I saw you, you got my eyes fixed for you. I had no clue how to talk to you and what to say. I am dumb. I got nervous. You passed by me and I smiled at you and you smiled back.

I am bad at making a move but then I saw you nearby on the app, and I started chatting with you. The memory of that smile is still as fresh as I had seen you for the first time.

At the next party, I was drunk and finally gathered the courage to hold you close to me and kiss you. After the party was over, I kissed you on the roadside before we left.

The next day, you asked me if I remembered anything of the last night. It felt good because you wanted to make sure that I know that I kissed you and it wasn’t just a drunk move. We started off from there and we came so far.

I had my highs and lows, you had yours. We survived it together. It told me that we’ll always do. I have promised you a lifetime, a forever and I’ll keep my promise. You know that, don’t you?

I love you beyond the physical or sexual desire. I love you because you gave me what I had been craving for. You gave me love, importance.

That night, when you were so drunk that you passed out, you asked my friend to call me. I felt happy for I was the one whom you needed the most. I felt happy that you trust me. You kept your head on my lap and took a nap. Your cute little face on my lap looked so peaceful and calm.

Today, every moment spent without you, without hearing your voice, feels like an age. I don’t even know what will be my first reaction when I’ll see you. I might will cry, I might will hug you so tight, for every moment, I have missed you so much.

If only my words could actually explain my feelings, you would know what is it like to stay away from you and not hear from you.

I’m waiting for the day when we’ll meet again. Till then, you know it… I’ll be there for you… Forever ❤

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