About The Almighty

Le me being a preacher today. If this post makes sense to you, you may have an open mind. If this post makes you feel that its directed to a particular religion, then you need to wash your face, wash your hands, have your meal and go back to what you were doing because I have no strength to argue with closed minds.

Who is almighty?
Most of the religions around the world believe that He is the supreme power governing each and every living and non living beings. He is so powerful that a human can never see him. For a human being to see the almighty, almighty has to take a form that humans can identify with.

Where does He live?
There are various cults who have different ideas about the almighty but majority of them believe that He lives in heaven/paradise which is a better place with no sufferings and pain. Everything is good and positive in heaven.

Who are we to the almighty and how does he govern us?
Most of the religions believe that humans, animals and everything that we see, are creations of the almighty. So basically, humans are His children. He is all seeing and all knowing. He is omni present. Which ideally means, He is present in all of us, in every particle. That little voice in your head that tells you “don’t do it” is actually His way of governing you. But humans have the freedom to listen to Him or not. So its highly possible that a human can do bad things.

Now that was a general idea about the almighty and humans based on most of the religious teachings. However, the reason why I’m writing this is not because I want to tell you what the almighty is. Let’s move on to my main motive.

I come across many religious people who tell others that you should fear the Lord and he shall pardon you. I’m sorry but don’t you see what you’re preaching? Fear? I thought fear is a negative human emotion. A supreme being, who lives in a land of positivity and goodness, why would He be interested in inflicting fear? Doesn’t that sound like a human behavior to you?

Inflicting fear to make others follow you is a human way of ruling. The almighty is supposed to be an ideal being who is above all negativity. He will rather be interested in positive human emotions.

I’m not one of those who fear the almighty because that hinders my growth as a human. I love my Lord as He is my Father. I know He would love to see me taking challenges of life and if I’ll ever end up on a wrong path, He will ensure my safety and will pull me out of it.

You do not have to fear Him but love Him. He is your father. The older generation who used to fear their fathers should know the difference if their child loves them instead of being afraid of them.

A child who used to be afraid of his father, either ends up hiding from his father or ends up living like a scared kid. The ones who love their fathers, they share a better bonding with their fathers and live much happier.

If your religious people tell you to fear the Lord, then I’m sorry but they are not telling you the holy words but its human words who made these statements to control human lives and have a power over the rest.

If this offends your religion, I think instead of getting hostile, you need to move on with your ideology because the fear you want to inflict on my life will never work. My Lord stands by me and He loves me the way I love my Almighty Father.


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