How I stopped getting offended by abuses

Disclaimer: this post contains abusive words, not to offend anyone. If you don’t like to read abusive words STOP here and don’t read further.

There was a time abuses used to offend me but the more I learnt the meanings, I stopped getting offended by the words. The more I stopped getting affected by the abuses, the more I was able to offend the abusers.

Some of the common abuses Indians and others have called me and why I don’t find them offensive.

1) Ma(dar)chod means mother fucker or bhenchod means sister fucker. I find it funny because the only thing I can say is dude, I’m gay of you haven’t noticed.

2) Next thing they do is change the gender and I’m like, not into incest. You can call me whatever you want, it won’t change me. And even if I would have been fucking around with my father or brother (which I don’t have any), I’m not fucking yours, so what is your problem? Did your father or brother got hurt?

3) Hijra which is a well organized group of third gender people so I don’t find it offensive in any sense.

4) Chhakka is supposed to be a derogatory term for hijras or effeminate guys but I don’t know how can it be derogatory because it actually means number six. The only thing that I can think of is, in Hindu mythology, there are many gender identities and maybe, MAYBE, effeminate men are the sixth on the list. Otherwise I still don’t know how is number six related to effeminate men. Like HOW?

5) Ladki which actually means girl so how is that an abuse even? Just because you addressed a boy as girl, doesn’t really mean that girl is an abuse you know? And girls are not even some low creatures that you can use girl as an abuse.

6) Kutta which means dog. Well if you aren’t a dog lover or you’re a dog hate, then only you will feel offended. They are cute and faithful.

7) Chutiya which actually means brainless or mad. Should I be even offended with that? That doesn’t even sound like an abuse.

8) Faggot which was once used as an offensive word for homosexuals but did you know its also a cuisine? I reply back, I know I taste good.

9) Queer which means flamboyant or different. Well it was also a derogatory term ONCE but once you know the meaning, the only question I can think of is, isn’t everyone different? What’s wrong in being different?

10) Queen or fairy… Oh well, if you use queen, you better treat me like a queen and if you call me fairy, you should know, I ain’t wish granting fairy.

Do you have know more words that you find offensive? Find the meanings and you’ll find a reason to stop getting offended.

Cheers to happiness.

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