Why Feminism is important

I have seen many so called educated people making fun of feminism or saying things against feminism. Funny thing is, not just brainless people who have no interest in social issues but only follow the sheep herd, but many people who speak up for LGBT issues have just seen some stupid posts about feminism and they stand against feminism.

Here are main 5 reasons why feminism is important for everyone, no matter what caste, creed, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, etc you belong to.

1) Feminism stands to make women self sufficient and not dependent on men.

Well, I know many of you might disagree with the idea because you guys have seen some posts about some shitty women who are abusing the laws to take revenge from men and then they claim to be feminists. Let me break it to you people. These people are like those terrorists who use the name of Allah to kill people. They aren’t even true Muslims but just because they used Allah’s name, hence, the whole of Islam gets the blame. No, those women aren’t real feminist. A true feminist will not abuse the laws to take revenge but will rather prove her self worth. A feminist will always work to show that they are no less than a man and they can earn their bread and butter on their own. They will strive to show that women are equal to men.

2) Feminists want the laws to protect everyone from rape.

While your patriarchy still focuses on “men can’t get raped”, the feminists understand the trauma a person has to go through because of rape and molestation. Feminists are keen to educate people about this and break the patriarchal idea of rape. Their focus is to make laws against rape, a gender neutral law. While patriarchy suggests that a woman’s dignity is lost when she is raped, feminism suggests, its the rapist whose dignity is lost and not the woman’s. Guess what? I think that’s pretty legit. What do you think?

3) Feminism is also closely related to LGBT movement.

There are many people from the LGBT community who face discrimination. Feminism promotes the idea that a woman can be masculine and a man can be feminine as opposed to the patriarchal ideas about man and woman. Feminism promotes the idea that a person can have a body of opposite sex if they aren’t comfortable with their own biology and its OK while patriarchy promotes trans people as diseased, sick, etc.

4) Feminism wants women to have reproductive rights.

Let’s be honest, you want to date a girl, ask her if she wants to have a baby in future. Its not that difficult. Its OK to ask each other about each other during dating phase. I know, to reproduce, it takes a man as well as a woman but honestly, your work will be done in one night and the woman will have to carry the baby for nine months. If she’s a working woman, she may have to take a leave from her job as well. I know men will also have responsibilities along but we men just cannot know what it feels like to carry another life inside you. For some women, it can be an exciting experience and they would like to have a baby but try to understand, not everyone is the same. There can be women who may not want to conceive a baby. Talk to your lady love before its too late and you end up blaming feminism for you not having a baby.

5) Feminism focuses on breaking patriarchy.

Patriarchy has killed many people’s dreams and feminism wants to allow people to live their dreams. In patriarchal society, women have defined jobs and men have defined jobs. If men venture in the women’s job, they were treated as lower or not manly and if women venture in the men’s zone, they are considered a disgrace. Feminism promotes the idea that there is no man’s job or woman’s job. A man can cook, sew, knit, wash clothes, dance etc while a woman can work, earn, play sports, study, achieve ranks, etc. Everyone can do whatever they want to as long as it makes them happy.

So stop making fool of yourselves by following the blinds. Understand the true meaning of feminism first. The women who tag themselves as feminists by harassing men, you people are criminals not feminists. And the people who think that those few criminals define the real feminism, be glad that people aren’t using the same ideas on you, otherwise all men will be considered rapists.

If this doesn’t get into your brain in one go, read it twice but stop blaming feminism for any and everything.

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