To haters of Barkha Dutt

I was just going through a post about how people are constantly harassing Barkha Dutt, a well known reporter of India, by abusing her on social media. Here’s a response to all you disrespectful worthless creatures.

These people did not think twice before publicly abusing a woman, that too a news reporter, then I’m sure they do not mind me sharing their names and IDs across the globe to make them famous.

Ajay Rai, shared her mobile phone publicly calling her a whore and abusing her.

Twitter handle @shanknaad shared a “joke” saying two terrorists are killed, Barkha lost her two lovers.

Twitter handle @MrRaviSolanki says Barkha is whore of India. I’m expressing my “country” under freedom of speech. (Sure you’re expressing COUNTRY honey buns).

Twitter handle @DrGarekar (seriously? Doctor?) Says JNU will grant doctorate to Barkha for making condoms popular amongst students. (Now you know why I questioned him being Doctor?)

Twitter handle @_kri5h says I’ve always heard about whore cry but I witnessed it today #barkhadutt.

I’m sure there are many such retards across who are and will continue to slut shame and abuse Barkha Dutt, but guess what? All of you haters, what have you done in your life till today?

She was the one present there for the news reports about Kargil war and for Mumbai attacks. She was there the 2004 tsunami coverage. What have you done for the society? Just live your pity lives of everyday same crap?

Yes, she has been into controversies several times for her reporting but in the end she was doing her job. And talking about controversies, if you are so keen to focus on people’s controversies, then will you abuse Mr. Modi the same way you abused Barkha Dutt? I’m pretty sure even our honorable Prime Minister has been into controversies.

After reading this post, I know what you all haters going to do. You are going to start abusing me as well and call me as terrorist supporter. Guess what, I don’t care about your abuses because, this may come to you as a surprise but, your existence mean nothing to me. Look into yourself and your life before you abuse someone publicly and criticize them.

You have not been able to earn enough to meet your persons needs in life and still trying to get there and you’re abusing a woman who has been awarded nationally and internationally. The woman you are abusing has won Padma Sri. What was the last thing that was awarded to you?

And you are calling her a whore? Yeah right. You people are clearly aware about her sexual life. She is a whore because she speaks up rationally? Just because she does not reflect your ideals, she is a whore? Wow! Please save some money from your pocket money to buy a dictionary to know what whore means. Or maybe just Google it?

I wonder how will you treat your own sister if she ever decides to date a guy. I mean, just because you don’t like a woman because of her rational views and you can call her whore, then I’m pretty sure that you won’t think twice before tagging your own sister as whore if she ever dates a guy, isn’t it?

If you are calling her a whore because you THINK that she supports terrorists, then first, you need to learn what is the definition of whore and second, have you ever sat down to analyse things and understand the complexities of her reports or have you just heard it and you liked the words whore so you’re using it so casually?

You people call Barkha Dutt terrorist supporter? How patriotic are you guys? I’m pretty sure since childhood, our families teach us to respect women but you guys are publicly abusing a woman, rather slut shaming her just because you are too lazy to spend time and understand the both sides of the coin. Your mothers should be really proud.

All you misogynistic, bigoted, patriarchal, uneducated, male chauvinistic trolls on the social media, either learn to behave or learn to hold a debate. The more you use abusive language against people who are socially and internationally well recognized and awarded, the more you prove yourself to be a loser.

You all look like “I couldn’t achieve anything in my life so I’ll demean the ones who have achieved”. Its like, the best way to go up is to pull others down. If you can’t hold on to a debate or discussion, you better not make fool of yourself by showing how illiterate and ill mannered you are.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “To haters of Barkha Dutt

    1. I cant’ understand how can supporting Terrorist / leftist views can be subsidized by disrespecting woman. Burkha dutt is very smart in playing woman card, when she has no answer for her agenda(i.e supporting Kashmir cause & Leftist & Naxal views).

      1. Did you report the Kashmir issues or she? Do you know the Kashmir’s point better or she? Whatever she does, does not allow anyone of you to disrespect her as a woman. You are free to oppose her views but no one gives you the right to disrespect her for doing her job

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