Why “Straight Acting” is a ridiculous term

Homophobia is a mental problem which is not limited to heterosexuals. There are many homosexuals within the community who are homophobic. To be honest, it stems out from the same ideology as that of other homophobic people.

There are people within the gay community who ridicule their effeminate counterparts because they believe that someone else being effeminate makes it difficult for them to come out because then people take them as effeminate guys as well.

Some of them don’t feel comfortable going out with effeminate guys because then people start questioning them as well. They don’t want people to laugh at them. This fear of getting tagged as “stereotypical” effeminate gay, had brought in the term “straight acting” as a substitute to masculine.

People within the gay community use it so casually without realizing how ridiculous the term is. So, here are few pointers for the gay guys trying to preserve their straight-ness that may help them to be less ridiculous in their thought process.

First, when you say straight acting, you are actually conveying the message that you actually accept that straight people are masculine and gay guys are effeminate. Basically, you do not want to break the stereotypes but want to add to the stereotypes towards gay people.

Second, there are effeminate straight guys too. If you haven’t seen any, please go out and meet people. I have come across straight guys who like to cross dress. So instead of breaking stereotypes towards gay people, you are adding to the stereotypes towards straight people too.

Third, since gay guys can also be masculine, like sports and whatever you think are stereotypical attributes of straight people, hence, there’s only one way you can act straight, and that is when you are having sex with a woman and pretending to enjoy it or rather love it.

If in case, you think, by tagging yourself as “straight acting”, you will become more masculine, I’m sorry you can’t be masculine. Guess what? According to your ideology, masculine people should be brave, isn’t it? But what you guys are trying to do is pretty much what a scared  person or a coward person will do.

Let me suggest a better term for you all “straight acting” gay guys, “closeted masculine homosexual” or “closeted masc gay”. And once again, please stop tagging yourself as straight acting, because only difference between straight and gay guys is who they have sex with not how masculine or feminine they are.

Peace out.

1 thought on “Why “Straight Acting” is a ridiculous term

  1. “Straight-acting” has always seemed such a weird term to me. All it makes me think of is a gay guy pretending to have sex with women…i mean what else could “acting straight” mean? And dont we already have a term for that?- “Closeted”

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