Its payback time

I used to be scared of homophobic people because I never wanted to part away from my family. But they did. Their hate separated me from my family. My family built a reputation in the society for themselves and they feared my identity will ruin that. They did try to do that and I had to move away from them. Then I started feeling pity for them thinking how much time they spend in breaking me down instead of building themselves up. Even then I always feared that their hate will only spread more hate. Guess what? I was right. They have created one more hater, me.

You people have shamed us by calling us pervert because we loved someone whom you do not approve. Now I’m going to shame all of you for being ridiculous and brainless. Everyday, several people across the world are being murdered for being who they are, for being LGBT. And you come and tell me its just a matter of difference of opinion? Now, after what happened at Orlando LGBT night club, I’m not going to sit and argue with you but I’m going to shame all of you.

Here’s first one to start. Mr. Modi, you know why it is important for YOU to acknowledge that the club was LGBT club? Because it was a hate crime against LGBT people and not just another terrorist attack. It was particularly directed towards the community.

Before paying your condolences to those departed souls, have you taken a look into our Indian law? LGBT people can be imprisoned for more than a rapist. But you won’t acknowledge the fact that it was against LGBT community because then you yourself conveniently shrug off the LGBT issues and never speak. So you think you can conveniently take away the LGBT from the whole massacre so that you can ignore the questions about your stance on LGBT? No sir, you are being hypocrite.

Another person I so dearly want to mention here is Kavita Radheshyam, a so called actress who cannot even express the emotions through her pose. Here, take a look on her poses that she publicly posted on her Facebook page.




These are supposed to be seductive? You’ve got to be kidding me.


“Romantic pose for an erotic week”? Really?


And if you ever have to give an action pose, this is how you do girls.


She accepts she’s a horrible actor anyway.

But why am I so bothered about her? Because of her this post:


So she posted a picture covered in  bedsheet asking aren’t LGBT against nature? Anything against nature shouldn’t live. I asked her some simple questions:

1. If LGBT are against nature, then how much nature supporter are you?

2. Did you try to kill those people who destroyed the forest to build your house? Because that is certainly against nature.

3. What do you really mean when you say LGBT are “against nature”?

4. Who gave you the right to decide who should live and who should not?

She couldn’t answer and deleted my comments. She thought she will post some wikipedia screenshots and she will be saved. This is what she posted:


She misunderstands things maybe or maybe she does not know how read, because she posted about 377 saying section 377 clearly says its against nature. (Let me make it clear, no it doesn’t) I commented on her post saying, section 377 talks about any act of “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” it does not tell LGBT is against nature. Every time, you have sex which is not meant for procreation, it is supposed to be against the order of nature. Hence, use of condoms is criminal, giving or getting a blow job is criminal.

Section 377 isn’t mother nature that will determine whether LGBT community is natural or not. By the definition of natural, anything that exists in nature on its own is natural. No man created LGBT people like A.I. I asked her to respond with some logic instead of using baseless argument but she deleted my comment again and now, since she could see, she has no base, she blocked me from her page.


Irony is, she has posted this some time back which reads “Use your social media to spread love and humanity instead of hatred”. And then she posted a bedsheet covering her breast only saying “LGBT should not live” along with hash tag “livestraight”? Kavita Radheshyam, you are hypocrite. You cannot use your own brain and logic, I get that. But saying we should not live simply suggests you are a supporter of a terrorist and hence, equally a terrorist. Yes, I’m branding you a terrorist for supporting a terror attack without even having the guts to have a debate. I openly challenge you on social media to have a debate with LGBT community and let’s see how much you can hold your ground.

And why just her? All those homophobic (please don’t mind my language here, I’m really angry and heart broken right now) F*cktatds applauding the Orlando massacre, saying Omar was sent by God, where the f were you all during 9/11 attacks?

One gunman murdering so many people was justified only because you think LGBT people deserve to die? Oh well, why do you all remember 9/11 and other such terror attacks as a sad day? Most of the terror attacks were not on LGBT community but humans in general which has killed many straight people. According to you people, according to your theories, those people must have been men sent by God to eradicate the sinners like you guys are.

Actually, you know what? Considering this was the first ever terror attack directed towards LGBT community and the reason behind it was that the man was mentally sick and he had seen two men kissing (which might have turned him on and he must have had wet dreams because of which he ended up ruining his marriage and then he realized he got fucked up because he couldn’t control his homosexual desire) and he hated it. So it doesn’t really seem to be a work of God man.

But you know what? All those terrorist attacks that has killed many straight people around the world, had always been done by the men who claim to spread the word of God. So it seems you guys are killed for being sinners and haters. Those unfortunate people at pulse got killed because of a mentally sick human.

I bet you never thought about it before opening your mouth, did you? I am deeply disheartened and saddened by knowing what happened at Orlando. The massacre has left a big pain in my heart. The sad faces of mothers, friends, families, those images won’t let me be in peace for a long time now.

Till the time that pain heals, I warn all the homophobic people, dare you come up with your hate to me or my people. I will stop at nothing to shame you all for being such disgusting humans that you are actually enjoying the fact that so many people were killed just because they belonged to LGBT community. I am not taking any bull crap till I get over this tragedy. I have ignored a lot of you many times over. Now if you approach me with your hate, be prepared because you will get hate in return.

Dear Orlando victims and their close ones, my prayers are with you. I’m sorry I can’t do much from here in India but I am going to fight back, we are going to fight back. Not going to take homophobia anymore, not going to break down anymore. We are together in this. We are one.



Kavita acknowledged my blog but here are few things for you dear, I did not “separate” myself from my family. I moved out of the family. It means I’m still in touch with them but from distance. The reason behind it was people like you had started questioning my parents upbringing. They have raised a loving child who knows what compassion is. They did not raise a child who starts organisation for animals but does not know that animals also have homosexual relations and then says anything against nature should not live. By your logic, you might just say that animals showing homosexual relations should also be killed. I don’t know how can you run an organisation with such a mentality.

Another pointer for Kavita, I did not write “open letter” to you but I openly challenged you. Get your facts together.

FINAL UPDATE: Kavita finally mentioned that she wasn’t trying to offend LGBT community as she knows many people from the community. Her post was supposed to be a harsh sarcasm against society. She meant to ask society if they are so against LGBT community then are they really sad to hear about Orlando victims?

Well I put this to an end now because I think as long as the people of the community around her aren’t discriminated, I have no problem with her.

2 thoughts on “Its payback time

  1. I feel the heat and anger in you. My heartfelt condolences. I came across those posts on Kavitha’s FB page and felt sick. My sister gave her fair share of rants and there were heated discussions and guess what? We realised that you are not alone. Many were frustrated about Kavitha’s posts. While there are many retards who are homophobic, there were many who felt sad about the incident. Whenever I shared a post supporting LGBTs, there were friends who asked me what was wrong with me. But that day, I realised people are changing and they understand that LGBTs are as normal as anyone else.

    The understanding will come and it will take a lot of time. Even your family will understand at some point or the other. Do let me know then. You have another well-wisher. πŸ™‚

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