Raveena and homophobic trolls… 

Well, those of you who know me, must have known that I love to backfire at all the homophobic and transphobic people. Because the way they diss others, they deserve the same. “You reap what you sow”.

So the gorgeous Raveena Tandon shared a beautiful gay marriage video on her twitter handle and all the brainless homophobic people are on their daily routine of dissing someone who supports homosexuality. 

India times shared an article with what people had to say and here’s a reply to all those whose comments were shared:

1.  @gyanend10106217, as your handle suggests, you are the end of gyan. Here’s a key word to add to your limited gyan: “CONSENT”. Cows and dogs do not get to give their consent to the marriage, yet, there are practices where people have to marry animals and plants. Two human beings, with their decision and CONSENT, marrying each other is NEVER going to be ANYWHERE close to marrying animals or plants. Stop your brainless comparison. Who’s next? 

2. @janamri333 two people loving each other and marrying each other to finally become a life partner is a beautiful thing. If your marriage is a failure, doesn’t mean that no marriage is beautiful. Next? 

3. @ask7k your traditions aren’t the only thing existing in this world. This country exists with several traditions which aren’t yours. If you find it nauseating, move on and watch some straight porn. No one asked you to watch the video. There are so many things that I find nauseating on internet, for example, your existence. But did I complaint till now? No, because I would prefer to move on from you now and I’ll be fine. Next? 

4. @SeeratSays isme achha kya hai (or at least that’s what she tried to say I guess). It means, what’s good in that, if any of you are English readers. Now SeeratHears there are two men who love each other more than your ex could have ever loved you and they are getting married. Ye achha hai. Got it? 

5. @vickybpcl2612 I would want to see your doctor’s degree in mental health and psychiatric degree please. Mental health or psychiatric problems are not determined by beliefs. Can I see the proof of your “scientific research”? If you cannot prove it, stop talking. Next? 

6. @varshasinghs you too falling trap of this illiteracy? Check the dictionary for the meaning of unnatural. Girl, your house is unnatural, your clothes are unnatural, your phone is unnatural, your existence is based on every unnatural thing possible but homosexuality exists not because some human had made homosexuality as a part of his experiment and viola, we have homosexuals and animals then learnt homosexuality from us. Homosexuality exists in nature on its own which makes it equally natural as your prideful rude and arrogant heterosexuality exists. 

7. PrashanthKP25 so did Mother Nature came on Earth in physical form to tell you, “Dear Prashanth! Homosexuality is against me”? How is homosexuality is against nature again? And if you don’t like to do anything against nature then I hope you are not using any automobile, electric device, soap, apartments, etc. Because all of it is against nature. Do you want me to tell you how or are you educated enough? 

Who’s next? I am in good mood to burst all your bubbles. Bring it on. 

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