I am a 22 year old boy who loves to write when he is under emotional turmoil. Have seen a lot in my life and will see a lot in future, I’m sure because hey, that’s life for us.

I am gay and thankfully I am blessed with such amazing friends who had been there in my ups and downs and they continue to be. It is because of them that I live.

One thing I have learnt from my life is, acceptance is the key. The whole conflict in human society occurs because we are so rigid that we cannot accept others the way they are. We want them to be like us, we want them to become one of us and we forget that the beauty of life lies in its variations. Once we learn to accept others as they are, life does get simpler and happier.

My life is full of various kinds of emotions and most of it compels me to write stories or experiences of my life. I am here to put my heart and mind out and give myself some peace. You see, writing here is kind of stress-buster for me. I also love to click but these days I do not have a camera… *sob sob* But anyway, whatever I have clicked or will click will be posted in my gallery.

I also want to apologize in advance for I am not a regular blogger. So if you really like my posts, I’d request you to follow so that you don’t miss out on my posts. And any kind of critique or comment are always welcome.

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