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Who let the uncle out?

Fair warning: If you are an idealist and do not want to read bad words, do not continue reading. I am outraged by the amount of misogyny I saw today in just five minutes.

I came across this post about Sunny Leone’s interview with Bhupender Chaubey and I will be honest with you, I just couldn’t take it for more than five minutes. Its disgusting what he was trying to do during the whole interview.
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Hip Hop in India

A famous hip hop singer of India recently came up with a song to tell us “What is Hip Hop”. For some reason my disappointment with Bollywood songs started increasing thanks to all new stars coming up who care less about the lyrics and more about the music. For some reason, in India, the songs have become less about sensible lyrics and meaningful expressions and more about hip and happening beats. Continue reading Hip Hop in India