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How I stopped getting offended by abuses

Disclaimer: this post contains abusive words, not to offend anyone. If you don’t like to read abusive words STOP here and don’t read further.

There was a time abuses used to offend me but the more I learnt the meanings, I stopped getting offended by the words. The more I stopped getting affected by the abuses, the more I was able to offend the abusers. Continue reading How I stopped getting offended by abuses

Stop being loud

“Its ok man. Your sexuality is just a part of you. Its not what defines who you are. You are more than your sexuality. Why the hell do you have to be so loud about your sexuality? Why do you have to make a big fuss out of it? Why do you need a pride parade to show off your sexuality? Why do you guys have to dress up in weird ways for such things? We straight people don’t have straight pride or anything like that. Because we know that our sexuality is not what defines us. You guys should understand that.”

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