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Response to Major Gaurav Arya

Dear sir!

You belong to army I believe? First of all, I have a great respect for our indian army men. My uncle is lieutenant colonel in armed forces. I know, you people took up the most risky job of your lives. We, common people do not deserve as much respect as you do. Everyday of your lives are at risk.

Not long ago, when everyone was expecting a good night sleep, some terrorists killed 18 soldiers near the border. I have no words to express how I feel. Only thing I can think of is I want those terrorists to be dead. I want every last terrorist to be dead so that they do not breed any further. So that this world of hate and murders can be over.

But there are many people like me who think sending Pakistani artists back was not necessary. You said that makes you soldiers think why are you even fighting? Well I believe the war you are fighting is to achieve peace? I guess that’s what said as well, peace is the end result of war.

Anyone who wants peace, knows that there will be a war, a war against terrorism. We stand in solidarity with you in the war against terrorism. We appreciate our soldiers fighting it back for the peace. But are the artists of Pakistan terrorists? Fawad Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and many other Pakistani artists, who have worked with Bollywood, have considered India as their family, not once but time and again.

There are several Pakistani people who are a fan of Bollywood movies and actors. Do you consider every Pakistani a terrorist supporter? Do you believe every Pakistani is a terrorist? Do you think that only India has innocent civilians?

Why is it too difficult to believe that we stand with our army in the fight against terrorism? Just because we believe that every innocent lives, who wants peace, matter? Just because we appreciate and admire those Pakistani artists who consider India as their family, you and your soldiers think that we have lost respect for you and those who lost their lives?

Yes, its very easy for us to sit in our homes and talk about peace because we aren’t fighting at the borders but I have a question. Why did you choose Indian army when you could have been a 12th pass call center worker? Were you not aware of what responsibilities come along with that uniform? Did your soldiers sign up for this job to hear about whether people are boycotting peace loving Pakistani citizens or not? Or did you sign up for this job just because it secures your family future and pays you well? I’m asking this because my family wanted me to join army because I won’t have money issues and my family future will be secured.

If those were the reasons for joining Indian army, then I think you shouldn’t have been in the army in the first place. One must join army for 2 reasons, they are against terrorism and they are ready to fight for the safety of the nation. 

We mourn along with the families of the soldiers. Their deaths were uncalled for. But sending Pakistani artists back is neither going to help us achieve peace, nor it will bring back the lives of the departed souls. Your fight is against terrorism. It doesn’t matter if its from Pakistan, China or any other country.

There’s no pain of Fawad leaving India, its just a logical reasoning and debate. There were 20 Pakistani girls who came to India recently as a delegate to peace summit. Should they have been boycotted and sent back just because they are young girls from Pakistan who wants peace? Is having Pakistani citizenship a benchmark or a brand that confirms that the person is a terrorist?

Patriotism is good but we believe in “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakum”. We have respect for our army but that does not mean that we will support every senseless step that is not towards progression or betterment. 

We can keep on arguing about ban on Pakistani artists but honestly, let’s consider a situation where we manage to kill every last terrorist hiding in Pakistan. The only thing that it will lead to is another set of people in Pakistan who will remember how Indians misbehaved with the peace loving citizens of Pakistan.

You see what it will create? A new set of haters, a new set of terrorists. And this fight will never stop. We have a choice, either we spill our anger all at once and create more hate between the two nations and focus on short term peace or we hold on to whatever small amount of love and mutual respect we have achieved between the two countries and destroy the pertaining hate filled terrorists and aim at a long time peace.

Choice is yours. I leave the judgement upon you and every other citizen.

Thank you.

Religions are man made

There has been so much of religious debate going on after media started asking for ban on Zakir Naik for spreading hate and supporting terrorism. Here’s the thing, I don’t see what good it will do instead of creating more intolerance, which has already started. Zakir Naik is preaching Quran or what he perceives from Quran. I do not support his views but I don’t think putting a ban on him is any good idea.

But here’s something, you get what you give. You call me a sinner, I call you hateful blind bigoted follower. Your religious sentiments get hurt because I think your religion has taught you hate? My spiritual sentiment also gets hurt when you call me sinner even though I’m fighting to save humanity amongst humans and mind you, I’m doing that every single day unlike you, all you so called religious people, who come preaching your ideologies only when you find it convenient. 

If God above would really want you to do something to please him, it will be to bring humanity back to humans, not preaching others how your religion is superior. Guess what has led to several wars in the world? Religious differences. 

There’s only one God and if He’s really there, He will never want or rather would have created so many religions across the world. If He wanted everyone to follow Him, He would have kept one religion across the world. (Please try using your brain for logic instead of getting hyper thinking I’m here to hurt your religious sentiments).

Moving on, if He is one, then where did these several religions come from? Why did God allow several religions to be created in the first place? Doesn’t that make you feel even a bit that it maybe the work of humans to control a set of humans and follow their ideologies by telling that others are hollow and showing them the weak points of the other religions? And how did religion end up having a weak points if those have been given by God himself? Was God not aware of the weak points? If He was not, then was God flawed? If He was, was He God or a human?

I was watching Zakir’s video where a man asks him what should a person do if his child converts to another religion? Zakir gave a response quoting Quran about Noah’s ark where Noah’s son was not saved by the God even though Noah had prayed to the Lord to save him just because he left Islam. He tells, Lord said, only Islam is the true religion and if your son leaves Islam, he is no longer your son (in faith).

Here’s a funny thing I had been thinking about. When did this Noah’s ark incident has actually happened? Was it before the creation of humanity or was it after? If it was before the creation of humanity, then shouldn’t Islam have existed from the very beginning of the creation? Shouldn’t Islam be the first ever religion that came into existence if Lord didn’t save no Noah’s son for leaving Islam? Why do we hear about Islam coming into existence since 610AD while many other religions have existed much before that?

Let’s consider the part where the incident had happened after the existence of humanity. If that was the case, then how come other religions still existed while the only humans who were saved were Muslims or the ones who followed Islam? Shouldn’t all other religions have been wiped out? 

(Again I’m not trying to pick up on Islam alone because similar stories are told in other Abrahamic religions as well and my intent is to make people use brain and logic behind everything. I am not asking for anyone to convert because you live in a free world and I believe in mutual coexistence. After all, religions are supposed to bring you closer to other humans and not create differences, if they are actually based on giving humans a spiritual experience and ecstacy.)

Ask yourself a question, do you think your religion is the best? What’s the reason? Zakir Naik says, Islam has strict laws against crimes but no other religion does. Let me tell you, in Hinduism, no one, not even women were told how to have “decency” by telling them what they should wear. The only thing that was there was no one should hurt or harm others and without consent of the other, you were not allowed to get even closer or dishonor their dignity (I’m not promoting Hinduism but I know Hinduism as I was born Hindu and I have read many scriptures.)

Here’s an example that was set by Krishna to show what can happen if you dishonor women. In Mahabharata, the whole of Kaurava clan was killed, not just for dishonoring a woman but also for being a part of that shameless act. It was to show what happens when you dishonor or be a part or be a silent spectator of such an act.

Zakir Naik says, when Islam says a rapist should get death penalty, everyone calls them barbaric but if you ask non Muslim people what they think is the right punishment if their women go through it, they all want rapists to be dead. Then they forget they are being barbaric. Let me remind you of what everyone in the country demanded for the rapists of Nirbhaya incident. Everyone asked those men to have death penalty or even worse.

We all are humans and only we can think of death penalty for such crimes because it boils our blood. The laws that have been laid down in any of the religious books have been written down by humans because this is what all humans feel is justified for such heinous crime. If there is one God, then there exists one religion and Islam is not the one. (Here’s a hint about what should be the only religion, humanity.) Its existence came in the world in recent history. Most of the religions have existed even before Islam came in.

Neither previous religions have had any such adverse or bad effect on the society, nor Islam had miraculous effect on humans after it came into existence. Humans used to live  happily earlier as well, they live happily still as well, with or without any religion. There were crimes and punishments earlier as well, there are crimes and punishments today as well, be it religiously guided punishments or not.

The only thing that has happened with such religious differences are wars and deaths of several innocents because two religious fundamentalists just don’t want to accept the fact that, without following each other’s religions, they can still live a blessed life and want to push each other’s religion on others as a better religion. The God above will not fight with himself that my Islam is better or my Christianity is better or my Hinduism is better or any other religion is better. It is us, humans, fundamentalists, who just can’t keep our religion to ourselves and wish to push down our religion as the best on others.

If religion has existed, it is because humans found things lacking in other religions and wanted to make a better life for others so they came up with their “better version” of other religion. That is why, you’ll see all religions overlap at various points. They are all derived or inspired from others to create a better version for humans but every religion ended up lacking one thing, allow every human to live peacefully as they want. And you know the reason why? Because everyone wants to control more humans and follow their religion because they think this is best while that may or may not be the case.

With that, I put my pen down. I believe in mutually coexisting peacefully and with happiness. I believe in enjoying the diversity. I am 23 and no religion has guided me to become this wise. I learnt it from life. Trust me, you won’t need religion to guide you if you just use your brain to understand where you should stop yourself and what is good for you and not bad for others.

Thanks for reading.

Its payback time

I used to be scared of homophobic people because I never wanted to part away from my family. But they did. Their hate separated me from my family. My family built a reputation in the society for themselves and they feared my identity will ruin that. They did try to do that and I had to move away from them. Then I started feeling pity for them thinking how much time they spend in breaking me down instead of building themselves up. Even then I always feared that their hate will only spread more hate. Guess what? I was right. They have created one more hater, me.

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I Need Answers

Today, I went to attend an GLBT event near my home. The venue was five minutes away, like you walk down the lane and its there. Near that venue, there’s a lane with chawls (lane of poor houses).

It was a beautiful day. I was wearing a vest and my leggings for the event. I attended one event and in the break, I went with my friend to get cigarettes. The only cigarette shop closer was in that chawl lane.

It was middle of the day. On my way back, a drunk guy from the chawls bumped into me with wrong intentions and he touched my penis. Because of my natural instincts, I slapped that guy. What would have you done my dear people of government?

Next thing I know is, bunch of guys were pulling my hair, kicking me on my balls, punching me on my nose, face, hitting me with the stool, bamboo sticks. My clothes were torn in the middle of the road.

I was sexually abused and thrashed. I was called hijra, chhakka (a derogatory term for hijras) and what not. I have scars all over my body and I’m internally injured.

My friend ran to bring others from the venue. By that time, there was only one girl from chawl and a guy who took me away. When the people from the venue came, they took me away. I wished them dead. I wished them to suffer their whole life.

What else I could have done? Gone to doctor where they would have asked me to lodge police complain. Police would have taken them to prison, keep them there for a day and then leave them. These guys have been going to jail very often and they do not really care about that (as tools by that girl).

What is judiciary doing for us? Leaving the people in a day who sexually abuse and thrash another guy for being who he wants to be but putting the people behind jail for lifetime with no release, if that person has consensual sex with another person of same sex (technically, that’s what law is about).

Is this fair? What’s my fault? I was dressed slutty? Is it not rape that my clothes were torn in the middle of the road? What’s the difference between a girl’s clothes getting torn and man’s clothes getting torn? Just that men do not have breast?

Till when government or society will be hell bent on telling us that what we have suffered is our fault? What is it that the government doing to ensure security to everyone? Still so many women are raped, molested and abused but what do we do?

I did not go to lodge a complain because my house is nearby. I am living on a rent and those people will get released next day and they will make my as well as my landlady’s life hell. I will keep shut because judiciary CANNOT ensure the security of my life or others’ lives. Their duty is to file a complain for your heart’s satisfaction, put them in prison so that you feel better and then leave them.

In short, its better to keep your mouth shut than to speak up. That’s what you all have taught us and implemented all the time. Till when? A girl got raped and killed, people protested, lit candlelight for her, rapists got punishment because it for hyped and everything is over. Women are still getting raped.

Sexual harassment against women are still going unreported forget about men. In India, men do not get raped according to people. Its not about me right now, or nirbhaya (the Delhi rape case), its about everyone.

Till when we need to live in this dangal raj? What strict actions have been ensure in such cases? A woman’s rape case gets the hype by the media, how many guys like me have suffered and have been suffering. What justice can we expect?

Forget justice, once it is done, people forget. What examples have we set? What security do we have? Keep your sympathies with yourself, for I have been bruised today, tomorrow I will put on my makeup and hide all my scars. I’ll sing and dance and leave this behind me.

If you really empathize, spread it. Don’t stop till we have solution. Let the words reach out to the judiciary, to the law enforcement team, to the government.

If you don’t give a damn, continue with your life till you or someone in your family has to suffer the same. And if that’s what it takes for you to open your eyes and speak up, then I pray you suffer the same fate.

Dear Homophobes, Yes We Are Wrong

Everyday, I am coming across posts about rapes, suicides, murders and all the heart breaking news everyday and I cannot help myself writing this to all the homophobic people out there.

I accept I am wrong. My fault? I feel the love for a person of my same gender. Similarly, many of people are wrong. Because they cannot help loving the person they do.

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Corrective rape


All hail to India and other countries who can even THINK to come up with this term: “CORRECTIVE RAPE”.

This is the most outrageous… No, wait. Outrageous is not even the word. Anyway, whatever it is, but it is the most disgusting thing I can come across in my entire life (even though I’m pretty sure life or maybe my country will surprise me once again).

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Eyes on me

Today, I was going for choir practice (yes I’m a part of India’s first gay choir group, Rainbow voices). On my way, while I was in an auto rickshaw, another one was driving just next to us. Busy on my phone, I didn’t notice what was happening. When all of a sudden my driver shouted, “Marad hai. Mud mud k dekhne ki zaroorat nahi. Agey badh.” (He’s a man. No need to turn your heads. Go ahead.)

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You shameless western people!

“So as per the latest update, some of the shameless beings of our society are promoting public display of love and doing obscene things like kissing in public keeping our cultural values at stake. These people do not have any shame. They should rather go pee on the roadsides because that is much better than kissing in public. Of course, even for that, you must be a man. If you are a girl or a woman, you are wrong at every point anyway because hellooooooo… YOU ARE A WOMAN OKAYYYY????

What is this #KissOfLove nonsense? Bringing west to our culture. Such people I tell you. These people are shameless and have no self respect. They just want to adopt western culture. These people should leave India and go to USA. They are the slaves of such bad cultures.

Our Indian culture is soooo much better. If a guy will attend such protests, we will ask him to send his sisters and mothers to us. And if a girl attends such protest, it simply means that she is welcoming the rapists. Why should we even try to understand what was the aim of the protest? WHO CARES? Continue reading You shameless western people!